Sunday, January 28, 2007

We've got mail!

From Sara Finch (X's replace the real domain), I'll let her? decide if she? wants the rest of it out. It's not the same domain as jefinch used, just the same format. Here it is in all it's glory:

Golly gee, Mr. Rectal Wart, it sure was adult of you to block me from your discussion/comment session.

"Adult" as in tremendously immature.

No big deal. I can always mock your stupidity at ml's place. You and I know the rules there, so I won't out you as the cross- dressing pederast with the world class foreskin piercing that your friend Andy knows all about.

Toodles, big boy. Don't t forget to wear rubbers, especially if you're whipping it up with Dick, Rummy and all your other Oval Office boys!

For what it's worth NOBODY is blocked from commenting here, as yet we don't even require you to be signed up with a blogger/google account. We do close off old posts after a few days to prevent spam, but once they're shut off they are shut off for everybody.

Awww, how sweet.
Jay not jay,

Maybe finchie went to the continent of California for a sex change.
RW, that was a cute love letter he wrote you.

Come on out finch. You know you want to.

Sybil bon finch sounds really paranoid - claiming he/she's been blocked and all that.
RW -- good job installing that DHB* software.

*d!ck-head blocking

Are you calling Sara a dickhead?

Anyway Sara isn't blocked anymore than I am.
Maybe I need to put wheels on my couch.

I wonder if "sarfnch" has wheels on his gurney (sp?)? Defective?

Rolls like one of those "obnoxious buggies" at the grocery store. The ones you find abandoned and rejected by everyone.

Oddly Sara uses from the same computer as bon scott. This could be quite the branching out for finchie.

The more I think about this the more ludicrous this becomes.

Finch lecturing you about being "immature" and not behaving like an "adult" betrays a gross inability to view herself objectively.

Just as one blatant example, what the hell is her Andy obsession if not "immature" (and dare I say crazy)?
Buy Danish,

I should have added that the subject line in the email was Rampant immaturity.

It looks like Sara Finch is an author. Maybe that's where the different continent came in when bon scott made his drunken rant the other day.
Don't know if you guys had seen this. "Al" the minister in the U.K. e-mailed it to me.

At last, a bumper sticker for both parties.
FINALLY, someone has come out with a 100% bipartisan political bumper sticker.
The hottest selling bumper sticker comes from New York state . .


Democrats put it on the rear bumper.

Republicans put it on the front bumper.
We have a new letter from "Sara Finch"

The following was received this morning, March 3, 2007. The italicized portion is the email in it's entirety and was sent with a subject line of Is there such a thing as too much Xanax and Ritalin.

Dear Mr Raving Wanker,

So glad to see my single post at ml's today get SO MUCH attention.
Contrary to Danish's assumptions, I'm nowhere near a mental hospital. Unless the Governor's mansion counts as a mental institution.

It amazes me to no end that you can defend Bush, Cheney, Rummy and co. to no end for perpetrating the worst foreign relations disaster since the Spanish American war. And I'm being kind here.

And your post of a letter, supposedly from me last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?) sent me into hysterics! I don't know who that was, and their grammar and punctuation were awful, which as you know, isn't quite my style. To tell you the truth, I felt PROUD to have you post
that forgery. Shows just what a dunce you are. And while we're on
the subject (sort of) .....nah, I prefer not posting on your silly
blog until you loosen up your silly registration rules. Lord, even
ml and wooten allow anonymous posts, but you're such an anal control freak you've just got to know everything about those who dare even consider entering the holy blogdom of Rick the Reactionary. And if
you dont like what he or says, BOOM Banishment. It must feel so
good be such a tempermental potentate in such a teeny tiny kingdom.
Poor Washington State. Didn't follow Humptyu Dumpty's rules.
Well, THAT 'doesn't bother me. l never really have had the desire to frequent a blog that's so single minded in it's hatred, and even if I did, contribute, the fact that the unenlightened, boorish, war loving (as long as you or your family don't have to sacrifice your daughters, flour, sons, gasoline or ground beef for a worthless war started by an incomptent president who should be a greeter at Wal-
Mart) would soon use their lies and deceptions to make me as wanted as a turd in your Beef Wellingto

Makes me glad there's only a handful of you misguided wingnuts still hanging around ml's. First, the rest of us, and the majority of Americans now know that the Iraq War was sold by the Bush cronies with the encouragement of the bloodthirsy slugs of co-conspirators of Reaganites and their successors under the first Bush. And we now know (except for you 30% morans) that the present Bush and his cronies are certifiably crazy and couldn't find their own asses with a fork and a mirror. Still no candy flowers, bubby. Unless they're loaded with thermite. We now realize that your disgusting minority must be put in it's place. No, not Guantanamo. In the hospital wards of Baghdad and Basra where you can spending time looking for
candy and other blings. Meanwhile, the sane majority will pesevere.
And aint that nice......

Of course, we our work to do. Decades of mideast diplomacy down the
drain! Thanks George.

By the way, that latest message from Sara Finch was sent on Sat 2/24/2007 3:28 AM.
From Sara Finch: someone else must have the same name: I don't post here, and my vocabulary is considerably better. If I wanted to bother to wipe the floor with you, I would at least do it using terminology germane to the matter at hand, somwhere above the level referred to, raising the discussion to the intellectual rather than the .. er.. biological. Anyway, I think many women would agree with me that most women don't have an obsession with the parts you attribute to Ms. Finch and would use other language to flame. Put in the real domain so those of us who may have the same name as another won't be confused with someone on another service. Besides, why replace the real domain? Someone posting a flame like this probably wants feedback. Happy blogging, flaming and funning. SFinch
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