Sunday, February 10, 2008

Set aside 44 minutes and click this title.

God bless you Tony Snow!


I'm going to have to watch this tomorrow when I have time.

Did you catch Mark Steyn's awesomely awesome CPAC speech?

I saw some clips, but if you've got a link I'd like to see the whole speech.

When you go to watch Tony's speech it starts a little slow, but it gets very powerful as he builds his case.

I forwarded Steyn to you. Hope the link is still alive.

Have you ever heard of a guy at Columbia named Hamid Dabashi? For a looksee go here:

and then go here:

where he says this...

Two of my three children (born and bred here in the United States) have now reached the age when they can vote. They are both committed Obama fans and voted for him in the New York primaries on Super Tuesday. At this point, I am afraid the votes of my two children are all I can offer Brother Barack. Come next November, I too may leave my own darkest convictions behind and vote with the bright hope of my children.

Sometimes I think that the worst thing about the United States is that there is always hope for it.

I'm shocked but not surprised.
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