Friday, January 27, 2006

Boortz has developed a thing for America's crazy Aunt

In today's Nealz Nuze talk show host Neal Boortz proposes to Helen Thomas.

Yesterday George Bush had a press conference. Helen Thomas was there. Helen Thomas raised her hand every single time. She was never called upon. Helen ain't happy. She says that she wanted to ask George Bush why he went into Iraq. If she doesn't know the answer to that question, she just hasn't been paying attention. But Helen also had another question. Bush has said that the FISA law regulating wiretapping is out of date. Helen wanted to ask "You keep saying it's a 1978 law, but the Constitution is 200 years old. Is that out of date too?" Now that's a damned good question, and I would like to hear Bush's answer. I would also like to hear Hillary Clinton respond.

OK, so it isn't really a proposal and Neal does have a point that the second question would be an interesting one to have answered. The problem is that it would never have been asked.

Helen Thomas says that she was going to ask the Iraq question and then try to follow up with the outdated law question. Anyone that has watched Helen question this administration knows that she would get bogged down with what she would see as dodges in the President's answer.

Now when someone does ask this question, how long will it take for the tin foil hat crowd to say Helen Thomas and the White House are conspiring to have questions submitted to the President in advance?

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