Friday, March 31, 2006

Why would anyone think this woman should have to show ID?

11 Alive News story about today's stunt press statement. It looks like Cynthia has decided the best defense is a good offense. She is the victim here after all.

ALLAHPUNDIT guest blogging for Michelle Malkin has more coverage of poor Ms. McKinney as the white man tries to keep her down.

Cynthia McKinney is and most assuredly always will be an embarrassment, but this incident brings to light another problem that needs some consideration. Why don't Congresspeople have to go through security screening? I have no problem with them having an express line of sorts or even special entrances. I do have a problem with this scenario.

Let's say a terrorist group holds a member of Congress's family hostage until they plant a bomb inside the capitol building. This presents quite the dilemma for the member that would not even be a consideration if they had to go through a screening process.

The Tale of the Foamy

and how this epic tale came into existence. I have it on good authority that this will become a new series in literary genius.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Why couldn't we have just let O.F.F. work it's magic?

Australia is and has been a staunch ally of the United States for many years, but they weren't exempt from oil-for-food scandals in Iraq. The more this goes on and the more that's uncovered I'm really starting to believe the "war for oil" crowd. They didn't want anything that was going to get in the way of their corrupt oil deals.

John Howard has promised to make ministers available to the inquiry if called.

Commissioner Terence Cole's inquiry has been criticised for taking a soft line with government employees while mauling the wheat exporter, AWB, for propping up Saddam's regime in the years before the 2003 Iraq war with kickbacks in breach of the UN's oil-for-food program.

The federal Opposition released a letter from the commission on Wednesday saying it did not have the power to make findings about whether ministers had breached their duty to protect Australia's international obligations.

The Opposition says the Howard Government deliberately "rorted" the inquiry's terms of reference to prevent proper analysis of the Government's role.

Evidence already presented to the inquiry suggests Mr Downer and Mr Vaile were warned AWB was engaged in corrupt behaviour in Iraq, but neither minister acted on those warnings. Both deny they knew of the kickbacks, saying the Government accepted AWB's assurances that it was not corrupting the UN program. But the Opposition says the Government is guilty of a cover-up, or turned a blind eye to the kickbacks, even while sending Australian troops to Iraq to topple Saddam's regime.

"Mr Downer and Mr Vaile have serious questions to answer concerning the adequacy of their response to the 27 separate warnings they received on what AWB was up to in Iraq," Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd said last night.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cynthia McKinney demonstrates the new Democrat security plan.

From Ed Morrisey:

I just need to make sure we have this correct. The new Democratic effort on national security, therefore, is to defy identification procedures, ignore common-sense safeguards, pretend not to hear warnings, and then assault the people protecting us.

That pretty well sums it up. McKinney is my former Congressional Representative and if I'm reading the new map correctly my soon to be Representative again next term. I feel so loved by the State legislature.

Michelle Malkin has more here.

Damn tags!!!!

Apparently Nicole wasn't satisfied with her We Hate RW-(the original) review and has decided to further torment your humble correspondent. She has been kind enough to allow question modification, so I have made a few tiny little changes.

1. What were you doing 10 50 Years Ago?

Organizing a parade from East Bridgewater to Brockton to celebrate my upcoming first birthday

2. 5 8 Years Ago?

Preparing to get married and this time to the right woman!

3. 1 year Ago?

Buying a new computer to replace my Commodore 64

4. Five snacks you enjoy:

Lobster, King Crab legs, Fillet Minion, Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna wrapped in bacon, knockoff Twinkies

5. Five Seven songs (I think) I know by heart all the words to:

Rock & Roll Part 2 ('s a start)

All six songs on Rick Wakeman's Six Wives of Henry VIII

6. Five things I would do with a LOT of money:

Start buying snacks 1 through 4

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hell buy the Sydney Harbour Bridge (how much money are we talking about?)

Who couldn't use a few members of Congress

Buy the UN building and begin the eviction process

7. Five things I would never wear:

A blue fedora, a lime green leisure suit, any other color leisure suit, any sort of crown, or two sombreros (thanks @@ aka OO)

8. Five Things I should never have worn five of my cyber friends are probably wearing right now ( If you aren't on this list please be thankful about it):

Nicole-A rhinestone tiara and kickboxing gloves

getalife-His finest purple pimp style suit

@@-My other sombrero (see above and take your pick)

Seneca-An old sweater

Sonia-Toenail polish

9. Five Three things I enjoyed doing nine or more years ago:

Blonds, brunettes, & redheads

10. Five bad habits???:

Puhleezze! I'm sure somebody will try to paint me with some in the comments, don't believe them.

11. Five Other people I would like to do this:

el patro on request
Tara because she already did it.

This time they really, really mean they might tell us...maybe...

After telling us they plan to "eliminate" Osama the Democrat leadership finally unveils their detailed plans for America's future.

"We're uniting behind a national security agenda that is tough and smart and will provide the real security George Bush has promised but failed to deliver," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said in remarks prepared for delivery Wednesday.

His counterpart in the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said the Democrats are offering a new direction — "one that is strong and smart, which understands the challenges America faces in a post 9/11 world, and one that demonstrates that Democrats are the party of real national security."

With details like that I know I'll be running out to campaign for them.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Aspiring to be the next Partridge Family?

Low mileage only driven to school and back, never used for frivolous things like evacuations.

When is listening in on American citizens a good thing?

According to Representative Jim McDermott (D-Wash) as well as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and several others it's when you tape a conversation between Republicans and distribute their private conversation to the press. Fortunately a Federal appeals court didn't agree.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A federal appeals court ruled today that Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., violated federal law by turning over an illegally taped telephone call to reporters nearly a decade ago.

In a 2-1 opinion, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that McDermott violated the rights of House Majority Leader John Boehner, who was heard on the 1996 call involving former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The court ordered McDermott to pay Boehner more than $700,000 for leaking the taped conversation. The figure includes $60,000 in damages and more than $600,000 in legal costs.

Maybe McDermott can appeal it further and see if can get his "phone" bill up to an even million.

3/28 Open thread-When ml lets you down..well you know what to do.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Moussaoui must have gotten tired of the Government trying to screw up his death penalty

Remember all the stories not long ago about how the TSA lawyers had probably blown any chance of a death penalty for Zacarias Moussaoui? A star witness has testified that most likely changed all that.

Confidential---John Kerry hates celery!!!

There was quite the fuss last week when Dick Cheney's travel demands were published by The Smoking Gun. Well it turns out he's a piker compared to John Kerry. The Vice-President wants all TV's tuned to the Fox News Channel, earning him much derision from the "progressives", so what does Kerry want his TV's primed and ready for??? One can only guess, but it ain't CNN. JFK? Perhaps something a little more exotic?

Of course in typical Kerry fashion someone in the traveling party voted for the celery before they voted against it!

Sunday, March 26, 2006 covers the freedom of speech rally in London

And of course they were serving...

If...part deux

Time magazine weighs in with that omnipresent view that if elections could only be held in the Spring the Democrats would sail to victory. I hate to burst their bubble know they won't pay any attention, but election day is November 7th this year. By then actual candidates and platforms will be established and instead of a feel good generic poll with various demographic flaws and subjective weighting we get to vote in the only polls that count. Then we can look forward to the stolen election stories and move right into the 2008 Presidential race where we will hear countless stories about how the American people are ready to toss out those rascally Republicans. Of course as night follows the day November 4, 2008 will arrive.

Hat tip-Drudge

Saturday, March 25, 2006

More on Russia-much easier on the eyes than the last post

After a day like today around the blog world this is a much needed reprieve.

Then least they get to exercise.

WMD's, Al Qaeda connections, and the far

Randy at has put together a pretty comprehensive look at what we are beginning to learn about all the things our friends on the left have been telling us were either lies or damn lies. This is a massive post so pace yourself.

As if anyone needed it, more proof that Democrats have no sense of humor

From Vice-President Cheney:

"If they are competent to fight this war, then I ought to be singing on American Idol."

Now that's funny right there. Not Larry the Cable Guy funny, but funny nonetheless.

The Democrat response:

"Simon Cowell is more loved than this administration and its failed Iraq policy. Cheney wouldn't last long on American Idol."

Now that could have been funny if Democrats knew anything about humor. (hint to Democrats-that last part is the same thing Cheney said) Watch as RW-(the original) punches this up for them:

"Simon Cowell is more loved than this administration and its failed Iraq policy." Cheney wouldn't last long on American Idol.

Friday, March 24, 2006

If this keeps up Democrats are going to have to find new role models

For the life of me I can't see what is wrong with this labor reform proposal by Dominique de Villepin. We all remember him as that whiny French guy that tried to save Saddam Hussein's job so there is a tendency to assume he is always doing the wrong thing, but this time he has it about right.

French riots broke out last Fall primarily in the Muslim neighborhoods and while the motives were hardly pure they did point to a very real problem of youth unemployment in the country. France has labor protections that make it nearly impossible to fire anyone once they have been hired regardless of their work habits, so employers are reluctant to take chances with unproven employees. The proposal would basically amount to a two year evaluation period. One might say this very clear headed attempt to help young people find employment hasn't been greeted warmly, unless you count the toasty warmth of burning cars.

This leaves me with one two questions. How are there any cars left in France and why do liberals always tell us how much better things would be if we were more like the French?

Matt and Trey take the high road

And they never mentioned Scientology once.

Olbermann unearths another nefarious White House plot

Would someone please tell me what this guys role is supposed to be? I'm serious damn it! Is he supposed to be a news man, a tin foil hat model, or perhaps someone called upon to be so outrageous that maybe somebody will try to find MSNBC?

I yield to my "progressive" readers, why does this guy have a broadcast job? Didn't the original Dr. Phil have better ratings?

There's more, this moonbat appears to have a serious case of BDS.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Open Thread-For those that like the sanctity of topics

The AJC Luckovich blog has decided to allow their server maintenance to be a class project.

Liberals decree that "A man's home is his castle"... odd is that? I don't really disagree with the majority in this case, but their reasoning is at the very least baffling. In the humble opinion of lower court "judge" RW-(the original) co-equal rights should exist so if the parties are split in their consent the government has to back off. The laughable doctrine of "a mans home is his castle" to decide this case is classic.

Can you imagine the outrage if the conservative wing of the court had said you must defer to the man's wishes? I am a man and a conservative, but this one has me grabbing my sides laughing.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Score one for the good guys

This story is so good that the Associated Press waits until the second paragraph to put their negative spin on it.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Emboldened a day after a successful jailbreak, insurgents laid siege to another prison Wednesday. This time, U.S. troops and a special Iraqi unit thwarted the pre-dawn attack south of Baghdad, overwhelming the gunmen and capturing 50 of them, police said.

This couldn't possibly go wrong, could it?

"Bears are probably eight times stronger than people," said Palmer, who is headed to Ohio State as a collegiate wrestler. "If they wanted to, they could do a whole lot of damage to people. But if they are having fun, like Ceaser was, then they will play with you all day.

I'm sure there is something for everyone in this story, but what struck me was the AP's sense of balance with their links at the bottom of the story. I'll give them credit for balance which is something I rarely say about the AP.

So what is it for you PETA or the USDA?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

President Bush's press conference transcript

Video of the full Helen Thomas exchange courtesy of Expose the Left.

Of course I had to excerpt the Hideous Helen Thomas questioning. How the President remains as polite to these people as he does is a never ending source of amazement for me.

Text of the Helen Thomas exchange with President Bush.


Wolf Blitzer schmoozefest with Helen Thomas after the presser. Too bad almost nobody saw it.

Springtime in Cincinnati

The first full day of Spring in the age of global warming. It's almost enough to make you think Al Gore is coming to town.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Senator Durbin unveils President Bush's plan in Iraq.

Well when Chris Wallace put him on the spot he had to come up with something.

Wallace then pressed Durbin to explain the Democrats' plan for Iraq. Anyone who still maintains the Democrats have a plan after witnessing their utter failure to produce anything remotely resembling one for the past three years ought to read this Fox News transcript.

Durbin first tried to pass off the question by offering only criticism of President Bush. Commendably, Wallace would have nothing of it, saying, "Well, that's criticism, sir. What is your plan?"

Durbin, after promising to "be very specific," proceeded to offer an embarrassingly vague three-point "plan." He said Democrats support the "bipartisan" Senate approach to: 1) establish 2006 as "a year of transition, where the Iraqis take control of their own security and defense;" 2) put Iraqis on notice that "they have to form a government that embraces all of the factions within Iraq so that we can see finally a government of unity leading to some sort of progress for the people of Iraq;" 3) demand accountability from President Bush, by making him report our progress in Iraq every three months.

With respect, this tripe wouldn't be taken seriously in a high-school debate. The third point cannot reasonably be considered part of a plan at all; merely a reporting requirement. And, President Bush is already trying to accomplish the first two points, but they are broad goals, not specific elements of a strategic plan.

As for point one, everyone knows the administration has been trying feverishly to train Iraqi security forces to take over the primary role of defending Iraq. But neither Durbin nor any other Democrats offered specifics to expedite the transition because even they know it is a matter for the generals to handle, not officious, micromanaging politicians.

Expose the Left has video of the introduction to Durbin's appearance with Wallace here. Unfortunately the video doesn't take you through the smack down.

Showing the versatility of this blog..... that's versatile. One thing you should know about Possum Trot is that it is just as far on one side of Paducah as Monkey's Eyebrow is on the other.

If that wasn't enough Regret the Error is a wealth of entertainment. What's $95.4 billion anyway?


In today's Nealz Nuze, Neal Boortz brings us another example of the tolerance displayed by the Religion of Peace (my a$$) or ROPMA.

Just days after 9/11, President Bush went down to a local mosque in Washington D.C,. took off his shoes, met with officials and then held a press conference. Upon taking to the podium, Mr. Bush declared that "Islam is peace." And it's been down hill ever since.

Take your pick...Muslims rioting in France...Muslims rioting all over the world, over a cartoon. Muslims shooting kids in the back in Beslan, Russia. Muslims taking hostages in Iraq and sawing their heads off. PR-wise, it hasn't been a good couple of years for the followers of Allah.

So now we have yet another example of just how peaceful and tolerate the Islamic religion is. Afghanistan, a country which we liberated, still practices Islamic law. Right now a man faces death there for committing a heinous crime. Did he kill somebody? Nope. Steal somebody's goat? Nope. What could he possibly have done to deserve the penalty of death?

While on the topic of religious tolerance watch the South Park Scientology episode.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spot the liar

FORGET the image of the fidgety liar nervously blinking, scratching his nose and stroking the back of his or her head. Researchers have found liars stay motionless and control their blinking as they try not to give anything away.

When liars do use their hands, they use extravagant movements to cover up their dishonesty, stretching out their arms or rhythmically jabbing the air to emphasise a point.

The findings are likely to be of interest to police, employers and suspicious spouses, who may wrongly interpret nervousness as dishonesty but miss more reliable indicators.

For some reason this story isn't accompanied by the picture they used on the home page as an example of an accomplished liar. (One day I may even take the time to learn how to capture the page for future viewing)

The Australian example of an experienced liar.

Orgies..good or bad? Justice Scalia weighs in.

That indelible moment in Supreme Court history came to mind the other night when Justice Antonin Scalia, speaking to supporters of the New England School of Law at a banquet in Boston, allowed as how he was prepared to ''accept for the sake of argument that sexual orgies eliminate tension and ought to be encouraged." Loosen up with the Supremes, indeed. It's not every day that one gets to hear a justice of the Supreme Court share his view of orgies. A latecomer entering at that moment might have thought that Scalia was explaining what it really means to be one of the high court's ''swing voters."

In fact, he was making a serious point about democracy and the blight of ''judicial hegemony" undermining it. In case after case, the people's right to decide difficult questions of social policy democratically has been usurped by judges who fashion constitutional mandates out of their own moral preferences. Scalia cited a case dealing with an orgy not just to make sure that nobody would be snoring through his speech, but to illustrate what happens when ''abstract moralizing" turns into judicial compulsion

Richard Belzer aka Disgusting Bastard

I'm not sure how reading twenty newspapers a day makes one an authority since most of the stories are the exact same ones, but read what this scumbag had to say. The video is there as well. Suffice it to say that when are arguing from the left and Bill Maher says you've gone over the line, you have.

Despite the noise success marches on

Some have described the situation in Iraq as a tightening noose, noting that "time is not on our side"and that "morale is down." Others have described a "very dangerous" turn of events and are "extremely concerned."

Who are they that have expressed these concerns? In fact, these are the exact words of terrorists discussing Iraq -- Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his associates -- who are describing their own situation and must be watching with fear the progress that Iraq has made over the past three years.

The terrorists seem to recognize that they are losing in Iraq. I believe that history will show that to be the case.

Fortunately, history is not made up of daily headlines, blogs on Web sites or the latest sensational attack. History is a bigger picture, and it takes some time and perspective to measure accurately.

Consider that in three years Iraq has gone from enduring a brutal dictatorship to electing a provisional government to ratifying a new constitution written by Iraqis to electing a permanent government last December. In each of these elections, the number of voters participating has increased significantly -- from 8.5 million in the January 2005 election to nearly 12 million in the December election -- in defiance of terrorists' threats and attacks.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Is this the long awaited plan????

In almost every issue in the Reid memo, Democratic lawmakers are called upon to criticize the president for not spending enough federal dollars.

The plan urges the lawmakers to:

• "Hold a town hall meeting with state officials and a local National Guard unit at their armory to discuss the security impact of long deployments. ... Ask National Guard members to offer input on how security and disaster response at home is compromised by long deployments."

• "Hold a town hall meeting with troops at a local military installation. ... When selecting a location at the military installation for the event, make sure to select a space that allows easy press access and clearly conveys the message in the shot. Planes, vehicles, equipment and signage in the background enhance the pictures coming out of your event."

• "Work with [veterans] organizations ... to find recently returned Iraq and Afghanistan veterans willing to discuss the mental effects they or their fellow veterans have experienced."

• "Tour a factory in your state that manufactures military equipment like Humvees or body armor and hold a press availability afterwards with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans on the importance of protective equipment."

• "Visit the home of a military family that has purchased body armor on their own for a family member serving in Iraq or Afghanistan and hold an open press 'conversion' on the issue. ... Ask the family if they would be willing to hold the open press conversation/town hall meeting in their yard, on their front porch or in their home."

For the most part this is just typical of the way Democrats think the military should be used. Always a prop for their crass political opportunism and in violation of military regulations to boot. But the kicker is the note to make sure to stress that not enough Federal dollars are being spent. Out of control Republican spending was the one thing the Democrats had going for them. How the hell did Rove convince the donkeys that this was a good idea?

**UPDATE** 3/20 Reid document via Drudge.

Atlanta-The new capitol of Alabama

I guess if you write for a Los Angeles newspaper Atlanta is as close as you dare get. As for the proposed law it's not altogether a bad thing, but certainly seems unnecessary. Why not pressure the Governor to use his pardon powers?

Friday, March 17, 2006

If wishes and buts were candy and nuts.....

One of my favorite times of year is when baseball teams are winding down Spring training getting ready to head north for various opening days. Every team and their fans are full of wild eyed optimism and with good reason. The games are soon going to count and everybody has an equal chance. I bet right about now some of my readers are thinking, "did this bonehead link the wrong article again?", the answer would be a resounding NO.

You see the Spring is also the time when wild eyed Democrats are touting their opinion polls and sending out their assorted messengers with tales of a better way. We all know that as Spring turns to Summer the real work starts and many of the teams have begun to fade. Maybe they don't have enough pitchers on a baseball club or in a politicians case they have finally had to tell you what they really plan to do.

By Fall the teams still in the hunt are feeling the comfort level of a Danish cartoonist in a Mosque and their every move is being second guessed. In late October we crown a World Series champion. A few days later we have our elections, then as Fall fades into Winter we hear the mournful wailing of Democrats and baseball fans saying, "Just wait 'till next year!"

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Better yet, let him keep talking

Unlike Sen. Russell Feingold, the Wisconsin Democrat seeking to censure President Bush for ordering the interception of communications in and out of the U.S. involving persons with suspected links to al Qaeda, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt had no qualms about warrantless eavesdropping to protect the U.S. against attack.

Neither did Harry Truman.

There is a difference, however, between the eavesdropping Roosevelt and Truman authorized and the eavesdropping Bush is doing. Roosevelt and Truman did it in peacetime without congressional authorization. Bush is doing it during a war that Sen. Feingold voted on Sept. 14, 2001 to authorize.

Nonetheless, Roosevelt and Truman acted within their constitutional authority to defend the nation against attack. They were doing their duty, as is President Bush.

Operation Swarmer and The Gangs of Baghdad

Another excellent article by Ralph Peters. I have already seen several comments from the left, on various blogs, saying essentially that if we were accomplishing anything in Iraq there would be no need for this operation. As usual the truth is about 180 degrees away, we are able to do this because our ground assets are getting that much better.

As this column's written, U.S. and Iraqi forces have embarked on a major air and ground operation near Samarra, Operation Swarmer. It's a classic air assault designed to catch the enemy off-balance. I can tell you that the operation's been very carefully planned.

You'll hear reflexive complaints that the need for a new offensive suggests some sort of failure, but the contrary is true. This current strike has been enabled by a dramatic increase in tip-offs from Iraqis sick of the killers in their midst, by improved U.S. intelligence operations - and by the maturing capabilities of the Iraqi military.

The Iraqis want the gangs gone - and they're doing something about it.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Salem and Bronte win the 2006 Iditarod..oh and Jeff King too

2006 Iditarod champion Jeff King at the finish line in Nome with his lead dogs "Salem" left and "Bronte" right. Date: Mar. 15, 2006

Note to Sonia..Salem and Bronte are nekkid. Give us back our avatar.

Kudos to the Georgia State Senate

Last night I wrote this to my Senator, Curt Thompson of Norcross:

Senator Thompson,

I just read the AJC story about the State Senate voting to honor Jane Fonda. I can’t think of anything more disgusting to many my age and older. I’m 50 so I just missed the Vietnam war, but I certainly know how much Fonda’s actions hurt many of my friends and relatives. Please vote to turn this down when you vote to reconsider in the morning.

This morning I received this response:

I did. It was voted down 48 to 1.

As much as RW-(the original) would like to take full credit for this, the vote count seems to indicate that word spread quickly last night. I don't know if the story which says 38-1 or the Senators response that says 48-1 is the accurate number, but decisive by any measure. How do you decide whether to trust the count of the AJC of the count of a politician anyway?

I bet if Sonia had done this story it would be illustrated.

How long before Bush gets blamed for this?
BEIJING: Forget the Mao suits of a generation ago. Actually, forget about any clothes at all. Naked wedding photos are the hot new trend among young couples in once deeply conservative China.

Even in Anhui, a largely rural province in the east, many newly-weds are having their pictures taken in the nude, to the fury of their parents' generation, the Xin'an Evening News said.

"Some photo studios are just going too far. They allow young women to have their photos taken in bikinis or with nothing on at all," said an irate woman from the Anhui capital of Hefei. "I hope the authorities will do something."

Sonia feel free to take this story off my hands and punch it up a little.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

An Anti-war Civil War?!?!

I wasn't planning to post this, but since I had it posted as a food story for a few hours I'll go ahead and put it on the menu.

Instead, the groups appear to be caught in their own brand of civil war, criticizing each other for management styles, sympathizing with Communist dictators and pandering to the media. They have bickered over alleged racism and even over issues like who would get more microphone time and pay for the portable toilets at anti-war rallies.

The feuding appears to have precluded any kind of nationally coordinated anti-war rallies from happening on March 19, the third-year anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Small, local protests are planned by various anti-war groups around the country.

"The souring of the political atmosphere is largely due to ANSWER, which, in our experience, consistently substitutes labels ('racist,' 'anti-unity') and mischaracterization of others' views for substantive political debate or problem solving," reads the open letter issued last Dec. 12, by the group United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ). It marked the opening salvo in a war of words that has been fought on the groups' individual websites and all over the blogosphere.

In announcing that it would no longer coordinate activities with International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism), UFPJ criticized ANSWER's links to the Workers World Party (WWP), a group that allegedly had supported atrocities committed by Communist regimes around the world.

These folks need to get their anti-act together so
Zombie can get some new material.

Oysters and shrimp and quail.. OH MY.....What is this story doing here?

Well I'll tell you. Everybody loves a great meal and most of the readers of this blog are quite familiar with the area. Not to mention that the writer is another RW.

It's Legal

In its opinion, the Court of Review said the FISA Court had, in effect, attempted to unilaterally impose the old 1995 rules. "In doing so, the FISA Court erred," the ruling read. "It did not provide any constitutional basis for its action — we think there is none — and misconstrued the main statutory provision on which it relied." The FISA Court, according to the ruling, "refus[ed] to consider the legal significance of the Patriot Act's crucial amendments" and "may well have exceeded the constitutional bounds" governing the courts by asserting "authority to govern the internal organization and investigative procedures of the Department of Justice."

And then the Court of Review did one more thing, something that has repercussions in today's surveillance controversy. Not only could the FISA Court not tell the president how do to his work, the Court of Review said, but the president also had the "inherent authority" under the Constitution to conduct needed surveillance without obtaining any warrant — from the FISA Court or anyone else. Referring to an earlier case, known as Truong, which dealt with surveillance before FISA was passed, the Court of Review wrote: "The Truong court, as did all the other courts to have decided the issue, held that the President did have inherent authority to conduct warrantless searches to obtain foreign intelligence information. . . . We take for granted that the President does have that authority and, assuming that is so, FISA could not encroach on the President's constitutional power."

It was a clear and sweeping statement of executive authority. And what was most likely not known to the Court of Review at the time was that the administration had, in 2002, started a program in which it did exactly what the Court of Review said it had the power to do: order the surveillance of some international communications without a warrant.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What's the point of a Democratic policy?

Well at least they finally admit that we aren't likely to see any serious alternatives. Far be it from me to give you Dems any advice, but this "plan" of yours always looks good in the Spring. Your big problem is that the elections are in the Fall.

It was thus curiously refreshing to hear a Democrat admit what everyone knows: the Dems have no policy and see no reason to offer one. The particular context was the war in Iraq. Interviewing Rosen on this evening's Hardball, Chris Matthews asserted: "I don't think your party [your party?] has a policy."

Acknowledged Rosen: "It doesn't have a policy. It doesn't need to have a policy. What's the point of a Democratic policy?"

Going to break, a palpably shocked Matthews exclaimed: "I can't believe you said that!"

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) unveils her campaign poster

Campbell likely to get the Clinton sentence...I've got a question

Former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell's law license will almost certainly be suspended in his home state of Florida and in Georgia following convictions on federal tax evasion charges.

The politician who considered himself a lifelong civil rights warrior will even lose his right to vote.

Campbell's Florida law license will be automatically suspended once U.S. District Judge Richard Story sentences him, said Tony Boggs, legal director for the Florida Bar.

If your law license is suspended because you are a convicted felon, why wait until you have been sentenced?

A nice twofer from The Australian

Three if you have any clue about or interest in cricket. The piece about the scuttling of the UAE ports deal is well done, although I would take exception to the label that it was mostly Republicans against the deal. I think this was very much the bipartisan hissy fit the LA Times described.

Maybe Soledad is auditioning for a job at FNC

This Newsbusters link contains the transcript and a video link of Soledad O'Brien ripping into Russ Feingold and his ridiculous censure stunt. I second Noel Sheppard here, good job Soledad!

Of course it could be she knows how "popular" this is.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The diversity police have invaded Portland

Couldn't they have used a one-if-by-land two-if-by-sea system to keep the statue police at bay?

The story doesn't have a picture of the statue, but it was pictured on Special Report with Brit Hume tonight. It looked like an All-American family outing to the ballpark to me. Besides, they all looked bronze.

The committee is mired in a national trend of fierce public debate about community art after members expressed concern that the statues would be too large, display the team logo and fail to reflect Portland's diversity, both in its people and its artwork.

York finds himself at odds with 87 percent of people who had participated in an online survey on by Friday afternoon and deemed the statues "appropriate." Many readers also logged online comments saying that the city should accept Burke's gift in the generous spirit it was given.

That kind of thinking pushes York to consider some pretty extreme possibilities.

"From what they say, we should have to accept a statue of Ronald McDonald as public art," York said. "I could give the city a huge swastika. Should the city accept it if it's given graciously? Some people think so, apparently."

Ah yes, it's the diversity thing. Portland has an arts event called First Friday Arts Walk. Their web site has an extremely random slide show on it's main page. Very diverse.

It wouldn't be the first time that political correctness got in the way of a fitting tribute.

Hat tip-Buy Danish

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Come on..All she did was write a letter

"I am certain that the results of the legal and ethics process, when viewed in context, will absolve me of any wrongdoing other than writing a single letter, a letter which I regret, which was wrong," Hanna said in a letter to Senate colleagues. "Yet I believe that outside politics will prevail over the orderly legal and ethics procedure. ... This will be about the majority control of the Colorado State Senate."

Sure Deanna it's ALL about those evil Republicans trying to have a majority. What did she write you may ask?
After the election, Sen. Hanna learned that the statewide Association of Realtors, of which the Jefferson County group is a member, had endorsed her Republican opponent, Tori Merritts. And not only that, they also contributed $1,400 to Merritts's campaign.

Hanna won, so there was really no need to rub anybody out. Still, the Senator was peeved. She fired off a letter to the Realtors Small Donor Committee, the political action committee of the statewide Association of Realtors, suggesting that "$1,400 in post-election debt relief" might be a wise move on their part "in order to set things straight."

The not-so-subtle threat worked, to a degree. The realtors soon sent Sen. Hanna a check for $400. But of course loan sharks don't accept less than full payment. Why should politicians? So, Sen. Hanna demanded the rest.

Did I say demand? Let's just say she humbly requested the rest. Her follow-up letter to the Realtors Small Donor Committee read:

My reparations request stands. It seems a rather small price to pay for creating a fracture in my relation with your organization. It is my hope that you will make our relationship whole again. There are going to be some very important issues ahead of us. You have a choice. So do I.

Read the rest from Paul Jacob.

Reading around the edges of conventional wisdom

Jeff Jacoby on the myth of the gender gap.

Then you have Joan Vennochi on the myth of Hillary Clinton. Myth might be a stretch, but I'm going for a theme here.

Democrats may try to become diverse in 2008, that's got to be a myth breaker. I kind of like this idea, although it's another myth that Iowa and New Hampshire decide everything. Well at least not in the party that doesn't have a herd mentality, ask President McCain.

This myth was already busted in an earlier post, but bears repeating here.

Another MSM myth needing investigation is the "Iraqi civil war", Ralph Peters looks here and here.

The Voldemort Award goes to? The New York Times

A fellow called Mohammed mows down a bunch of students? Just one of those things -- like a gran'ma in my neck of the woods a couple of years back who hit the wrong pedal in the parking lot and ploughed through a McDonald's, leaving the place a hideous tangle of crumbled drywall, splattered patties and incendiary hot apple-pie filling. Yet, according to his own statements, Taheri-azar committed an act of ideological domestic terrorism, which he'd planned for two months. He told police he was more disappointed more students in his path weren't struck and that he'd rented the biggest vehicle the agency had in order to do as much damage to as many people as possible. The Persian car pet may have been flooring it, but the media are idling in neutral, if not actively reversing away from the story as fast as they can. Taheri-azar informed the judge he was "thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah," and it was apparently the will of Allah that he get behind the wheel of Allah.

Meanwhile, a new Washington Post/ABC poll finds that, in the words of the Post, "nearly half of Americans -- 46 percent -- have a negative view of Islam, seven percentage points higher than in the tense months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, when Muslims were often targeted for violence."

"Often" targeted? Want to put some hard numbers on that? Like to compare the "violence" Americans perpetrated on Muslims after the slaughter of thousands of their fellow citizens in the name of Allah with, say, the death toll perpetrated by Muslims annoyed over some itsy-bitsy cartoons in an obscure Danish newspaper? In September 2001, 99.99999 percent of Americans behaved with remarkable forbearance. If they're less inclined to give the benefit of the doubt these days, perhaps it's because of casual slurs like the Post's or the no-jihad-to-see-here-folks tone of the Times.

Even though the American Media is rapidly marching toward Dhimmitude at least we still print Steyn. This LGF post says that the Sunday Telegraph and The Spectator have dropped Mark Steyn in London.

You want answers? I think I'm entitled. YOU WANT ANSWERS?

I WANT MY FILTERS! You can't handle.... OK here's your answer, the school is 50 feet from a toxic dump. Any more questions about your filters?

If it was me I would have negotiated building a new school somewhere, but I don't know how these unions work. I didn't even post this for the story. I posted it because I hate this word:
"However, irregardless of the importance of these filters, they were tossed," he said. "Why would these individuals do this?"

Come on, please!! I know it's a word, but it means regardless and someone like me that fills pages of cyber information with worthless data might find myself desperately in need of those two letters that are being utterly wasted just so that you (and you know who you are) can sound pretentious.

How can this be? Is the WaPo part of the VRWC?

The Army National Guard, which has suffered a severe three-year recruiting slump, has begun to reel in soldiers in record numbers, aided in part by a new initiative that pays Guard members $2,000 for each person they enlist.

The Army Guard said Friday that it signed up more than 26,000 soldiers in the first five months of fiscal 2006, exceeding its target by 7 percent in its best performance in 13 years. At this pace, Guard leaders say they are confident they will reach their goal of boosting manpower from the current 336,000 to the congressionally authorized level of 350,000 by the end of the year

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fitzmas suffers yet another blow..Free Scooter Now!

Genuine NOCs, a CIA veteran said, "never use an official address. If she had (a diplomatic) address, her whole cover's completely phony. I used to run NOCs. I was in an embassy. I'd go out and meet them, clandestine meetings. I'd pay them cash to run assets or take trips. I'd give them a big bundle of cash. But they could never use an embassy address, ever."

Another CIA veteran with 20 years of service agreed that "the key is the (embassy) address. That is completely unacceptable for an NOC. She wasn't an NOC, period."

After Plame was transferred back to CIA headquarters in the mid-1990s, she continued to pass herself off as a private energy consultant. But the first CIA veteran noted: "You never let a true NOC go into an official facility. You don't drive into headquarters with your car, ever."

Better split up boys, I don't want you to find out Dad's going to hide in a hole.

This story via The Drudge report probably isn't completely factual, but it is an interesting read. Once again all roads lead to Damascus this time they made a u-turn.

No wonder they don't have a death penalty.

Just keep the trial going long enough for the defendant to die on his own and you don't have to worry about messy executions, anti-death penalty marches, and costly appeals.

PARIS, March 11 -- Slobodan Milosevic, the former Yugoslav leader who presided over the Balkan wars of the 1990s, was found dead Saturday in his cell at a United Nations prison near The Hague where he was on trial for war crimes, among them, genocide that became known to the world as "ethnic cleansing."

The 64-year-old Milosevic "was found lifeless on his bed in his cell at the United Nations Detention Unit in Scheveningen," said a statement from the U.N. tribunal. "The guard immediately alerted the Detention Unit Officer in command and the Medical Officer. The latter confirmed that Slobodan Milosevic was dead," the written statement said.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Dolphins of Jupiter--Wasn't that a Train song?

Why do scientists strive to learn the language of animals? It is not a matter of communication. Primarily, they want to understand nonhuman logic and use it for deciphering messages from extraterrestrials.

Let us assume that scientists get an encoded message from aliens. The message needs to be decoded or at least singled out from a cacophony of space signals. Lawrence Doyle, a researcher at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in Mountain View, California, came up with a way to find evidence of extraterrestrial origins in the language of dolphins.

Bennish reinstated

At a news conference this afternoon, Moses said Bennish doesn't deserve to be praised, nor does he deserve to be fired. "Jay Bennish has promise as a teacher, but his practice and deportment need growth and refinement," said Moses. "I will continue to try and improve myself as a teacher," said Bennish. "And I will continue to try and influence students to think critically about our world."

The announcement came after Bennish's attorney, David Lane, promised to sue the school district if Bennish was fired.

Only in America, the most violent nation on earth according to Bennish, can you just threaten a law suit and slide back into your job. I think the right decision was made if Moses keeps his promise of supervision, but it sure would be nice to have it made without the threat.

I love this part.
At a meeting Thursday, Bennish told Cherry Creek school leaders that he should have used a different dictator when comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler in a geography class.

Why you ask? Here was his statement to the class.
Bennish had cited "eerie similarities" between Bush's State of the Union address and "things that Adolf Hitler used to say."

What new dictator should Bennish use to make that more palatable? The best reaction was that of Governor Bill Owens.
“My first thought is to thank Sean Allen for standing up and voicing his concern over a teacher who was using his classroom as a political soapbox. Second, I hope that Mr. Bennish will learn something from this and actually work to balance and improve his classroom presentation,” said Owens, in the statement.

3/12 another perspective Mary Grabar from Clayton State University

Find the Leader

Expose The Left has the video of the new ad from the GOP. Today's contestant is Harry Reid.

Bush-Rejecting Ports Deal Sends Bad Message

You think???

WASHINGTON -- President Bush today expressed concern that a scuttled deal for a state-owned Arab firm to manage some U.S. port facilities would send the wrong message to Middle Eastern allies in the global war on terrorism.

He also reiterated his conviction that his administration had acted properly in approving the arrangement for Dubai Ports World, which is partly owned and operated by United Arab Emirates, to operate port facilities in New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Miami and New Orleans.

Now let's see how things progress. The way the deal stands now Dubai Ports World is to sell the American terminal interests to an American company. No American company even bid on the original deal, possibly because they didn't want the foreign terminals, maybe so they could pull a fast one late in the deal (that would be now). There is no reason to expect the UAE to take a loss on this sale so I will be closely watching which politicians try to steer this deal to their contributors for pennies on the dollar, while we the taxpayer get screwed once again. Early money is on Maher and Menendez.

Original port post on this blog from 2/20.

The three R's T's

Thursday, March 09, 2006

This story may not be a huge one, but hardly a peep from the US press

Of course it's tomorrow in Australia, maybe our guys don't know yet.

THE US and Japan successfully tested the first product of their joint ballistic missile defence program yesterday, the day after a surprise North Korean missile launch caused confusion and anxiety in the neighbourhood.

Two short-range missiles were launched from North Korea's east coast on Wednesday, prompting an initial report the firings were accidental and had landed near the Chinese border.

However, White House and South Korean officials said yesterday the launches had been deliberate and were probably improved local versions of the Soviet SS-21 surface-to-surface weapons, aimed eastwards. At least one landed in the Sea of Japan, the South Koreans said.

The left once again shows their love of a free exchange of ideas.

In the audience a contingent of about 20 students, led by three faculty members, including the Professor Diane Nelson, the Director of Undergraduate studies sat themselves near the front of the auditorium. They were all wearing matching T-shirts reading, “Why didn't I make the list?” on the front, and on the back, “Intimidation, blacklisting, litmus testing, narcing on professors = academic freedom?” They sat as they thought: in one bloc.

Horowitz began his speech, by holding up his 450 page-112,000 word book and saying "I have in my hand here a book. Take a look. It's a book, not a list." But within moments, the disruptions began. “Whole departments at Duke are no longer scholarly enterprises," he said. "They have been transformed into political parties, whose message is that America is the Great Satan.” On cue, the group of T-shirted protesters burst into loud orchestrated giggles. These continued at pointed moments throughout the speech as, for example, when Horowitz pointed out that professors at Duke make over $100,000 a year, work five hours a week in class, have four month paid vacations and lifetime jobs -- all at the expense of Duke students who pay $43,000 a year for the privilege.

It's really sad that so many on the left feel the need to silence any opposing views. We are being told constantly that they are the ones with the great ideas. Why not ask for equal time and present these wonderful ideas? Why not cover the event and write an article for your local or student newspaper? The actions of the STFD and STFU crowd sure make it hard to take them seriously. It seems to me that honest liberals would be the ones working hardest to stop this so that they could present their alternative arguments. I know they exist, maybe just in numbers far less than you would expect.

With trends like these.... might think we would be a little healthier.

According to Reuters cigarette sales in the US are at a 55 year low. Ever the trend setter, RW-(the original) charted this course in 1983. Now couple that with this New York Times story, via nicoleMART because the artwork there is much better than the Times, about soft drink sales being at a twenty year low. I'm a little skeptical of this one. Between her fridge and my pantry, fridge, and garage I don't think Coke sales could possibly be down.

It may turn out that this current diet and exercise craze is killing us. Just to be on the safe side I'm going to whip up a batch of sausage gravy.

Three Minutes Hate-San Diego moonbat edition

Citizen Smash, The Indepundit reports on the UC-SD college Democrats rally complete with audiotape. Mama Moonbat even continues milking the longest 15 minutes in recorded history with, "ah this is like ah Nazi Germany ah we can't ah just watch." OK maybe she didn't say that, but I couldn't stand to listen.

I did listen to this rant from former State Department diplomat Ann Wright courtesy of LGF. Guess what? It's all our fault. What's a cave dwelling terrorist to do?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I want the video of this!

Mr. Kaine, a Democrat, was visibly angered, saying the vote was reminiscent of "McCarthy-style politics" and suggested a lack of respect for the governor.
"They're going to regret it," Mr. Kaine told reporters. "I think they'll realize that there was a huge error in doing this, but they have indicated that that's the way that they want to play it."

This is his happy look.

Not to mention that it's just ONE guy that they blocked. Since they never blocked anyone before maybe it's about time they started doing their job.

It says apology, but it sure looks like a proposal.

Joshua Williams giving court-ordered apology to eagle after being convicted of endangered species harassment.

(Sioux Falls, SD) A peaceful Sunday of fishing turned sour for Josh Williams recently. The problems started when Mr. Williams hooked a nice smallmouth bass, and a bald eagle took notice. While the eagle swooped in, attempting to catch the bass in its talons, Mr. Williams was observed by a Fish and Wildlife Service officer trying to scare the eagle away by throwing stones at it.

The FWS officer testified in U.S. District Court of South Dakota that Mr. Williams had clearly violated one of the Endangered Species Act's prohibited activities that specifically makes it illegal to " endangered or threatened species without a permit from the Secretary of the Department of the Interior."

The judge agreed, finding the man guilty of a misdemeanor violation of the Act. The judge was lenient in sentencing, however, requiring only that the man apologize to the eagle. Mr. Williams expressed remorse, stating that the eagle would be welcome to help him fish anytime it wanted to. The eagle had no comment.

Hillary's worst nightmare

Presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton used Rev. Al Sharpton's Martin Luther King Jr. birthday celebration to, as Professor Shelby Steele explains, "whistle for the black vote by pandering to the black sense of grievance." In response to a question from the audience: "I need you to tell us what distinguishes Democrats from Republicans right now," Sen. Clinton answered, "When you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation, and you know what I'm talking about." Though the audience was largely black, I doubt whether any of the attendees had any plantation experience.

Sen. Clinton was simply employing the Democrats' political rope-a-dope for blacks. As Professor Steele asks in his Wall Street Journal editorial, "Hillary's Plantation": "Must blacks have their slave past rubbed in their face simply for Hillary Clinton to make a little hay against modern-day Republicans?" Steele also asks, "Does she really see us as she projects us – as a people so backward that our support can be won with a simple plantation reference, and the implication that Republicans are racist?"

Draft Condi!!!

As cool as the English language version of Pravda is they might be overreacting.

When the silky pony is involved who knows what to believe.

The Kepm-Edwards (sic) report condemns the policies that Russia runs on the post-Soviet space. According to the officials, such politics undermines stability and threatens the independence of its neighbours. The cooperation which Russia runs in the energy field with Ukraine is described as “a potential instrument of political intimidation.” According to the US officials, the power in Russia is democratic only outwardly, whereas the content of the Russian power is not democratic at all. Jack Kemp and John Edwards believe that the US administration should not only express its concerns about the current state of democratic affairs in Russia. They think that the USA needs to increase the funding of the Russian non-governmental organizations intended to participate in parliamentary and presidential elections in 2007-2008. To crown it all, the authors of the report do not view the strategic partnership with Russia as a realistic prospect. They believe that the White House should conduct a “selective cooperation” with Moscow.

Lighten up guys, I think you might be on to something with Hamas.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pick a Midori..any Midori...

Midori #1

Midori #2

I've got your Midori

Pick a Midori
Midori #1
Midori #2
I've got your Midori
Free polls from

OPEN THREAD for March 7, 2006

As I'm sure most of you know, I consider any thread an open thread but if you want a little more structure in your blogging activities this thread's for you.

RW-(the original) looks beyond the headlines...

...and sometimes even beyond the story to find tidbits of news. In this story about President Bush asking for a modified version of the line item veto that the Supreme Court struck down in 1998, I have found proof that John Kerry is taking his Presidential campaign bus out for another spin.

And Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who promoted a similar approach in his presidential campaign against Bush in 2004, immediately jumped on board.

"It's no secret that President Bush and I don't agree on much, but I fully support giving him the line-item veto," Kerry said. "I'm going to introduce this legislation, Congress should immediately pass it, and I want to see President Bush use this veto pen to get tough on wasteful spending."

The version of the veto President Bush is asking for does seem to be a good idea and probably would pass as Constitutional. I would also like to see an end to omnibus spending bills and narrowing the scope of any spending bill so that the pork didn't get in there so easily to begin with.

I bet we can figure out where a President John Kerry would have exercised this option.
This is the man who wants to be the Commander in Chief of our U.S. Armed Forces?

U.S. forces armed with what? Spitballs?

Paralysis by analysis has deep roots in the Harry Pelosi party.

I have no idea what to excerpt from this story, but it sounds an awful lot like the Onion story I posted here.

It does seem amazing that the biggest debate going on in the Democratic Party is how long to hide their agenda. Alright I've decided, here's a preview.

"By the time the election rolls around, people are going to know where Democrats stand," Reid said.

But many in the party have their doubts. On Feb. 27, Reid and Pelosi appeared before the Democratic Governors Association. At one point in the conversation, Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, noting that the two leaders had talked about a variety of themes and ideas, asked for help. Could they reduce the message to just two or three core ideas that governors could echo in the states?

According to multiple accounts from those in the room, Reid said they had narrowed the list to six and proceeded to talk about them. Pelosi then offered her six -- not all the same as Reid's. Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski said later: "One of the other governors said 'What do you think?' and I said 'You know what I think? I don't think we have a message.' "

Monday, March 06, 2006

New Jersey lawmaker wants to wipe out internet anonymity

I posted this over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and hoped to start a discussion over this and other laws that may have unintended consequences. What made it somewhat pertinent over there is that the Mike Luckovich blog site is not only anonymous it also doesn't provide any screen name protection and there are rampant problems lately with nic-jacking. Now I am dead set against this New Jersey law and I really don't care if the Atlanta newspaper has so little regard for their readers that they will allow this to continue, but as soon as I posted this the childish games started right up again.

I am interested in your thoughts of various laws that have been put forth with what always sounds like the best of intentions and soon prove to be a boondoggle.

For bonus points can anyone tell me why we almost always modify bad laws instead of repealing them?

**UPDATE** Peter J. Biondi is a Republican so in New Jersey his proposal shouldn't have much chance.

Dukakis in a dress...hmmm

When was the last time anyone saw Hillary in a dress?

The Quagmire isn't in Iraq but at home-Mark Steyn

The quagmire isn't in Iraq but at home. For five years, beginning with the designation of "war on terror," the president's public presentation has been consistent: Islam is a great religion, religion of peace, marvelous stuff, White House Ramadan Banquet the highlight of the calendar, but, sadly, every barrel has one or two bad apples, even Islam believe it or not, and once we've hunted those down we'll join the newly liberated peace-loving Muslim democracies in a global alliance of peace-loving peaceful persons. Most sentient beings have been aware that there is, to put it mildly, a large element of evasion about this basic narrative, but only now is it being explicitly rejected by all sides. William F. Buckley and George Will have more or less respectfully detached themselves from the insane idealism of shoving liberty and democracy down people's throats whether they want it or not. And, on the ports deal with Dubai, a number of other commentators I respect plus a stampede of largely ignorant weathervane pols have denounced the administration for endangering American security on the eastern seaboard. I can't see that: The only change is that instead of being American stevedores employed by a British company they'll now be American stevedores employed by a United Arab Emirates company.

When relief from the tedious AJC is needed most, along comes the OPEN THREAD

The weekend with ml's blog down was a great improvement, thus the open thread here.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Proving that this site will be delay free, but not DeLay free.

Some fodder for the left in their Quixotic campaign against this very fine Congressman.

SUGAR LAND, Texas — There's nothing about Republican Rep. Tom DeLay personally that math teacher Denice Shelburne doesn't like.

The Texas lawmaker attends her church, where he mingles with the congregation as an amiable neighbor. His wife, Christine, is lovely, Shelburne said, and DeLay's 22nd District abounds with evidence of his good works. "I just think he's a wonderful person," she said.

But as DeLay's legal problems have multiplied in recent months, even his supporters are having second thoughts about the 11-term congressman. With a rare four-way Republican primary set for Tuesday, Shelburne didn't know how she would vote.

OK, I know how good I felt about South Dakota taking down Tom Daschle so I guess it's possible. My money is on the bug man.

How the South Was Won

For all its importance, though, the story of how the Democrats lost the South is also one of the least examined-partly because so many people seem to agree on what caused it. For most, it boils down to one word: race.

After World War II, the story goes, the national Democratic Party began to embrace civil rights, alienating racist Southern whites. Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy had made initial forays into pro-civil rights politics, but it was Lyndon Johnson who supposedly forfeited the region to the Republicans by signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Legend has it that as he put down his pen Johnson told an aide, ''We have lost the South for a generation." According to the conventional wisdom, that's exactly what happened, as white voters were soon gobbled up by Nixon's racially coded ''Southern strategy."

But a new book by a pair of political scientists aims to stand that conventional wisdom on its head. ''The End of Southern Exceptionalism" (Harvard), by Richard Johnston of the University of British Columbia and Byron Shafer of Wisconsin, argues that it was economics, not race, that upended the Southern apple cart. As the South boomed and Sunbelt cities added millions of suburban residents, they argue, its burgeoning middle classes naturally tilted to the Republicans' fiscal conservatism, which promised tax cuts and smaller government programs.

Those excerpts are from an article by Clay Risen in today's Boston Globe. (If the extra work reader DavidU put me through worked, you should be able to click the title and read the rest in a new window)

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Pretend there is a typical lame luckovich cartoon if you must, but then feel free to fire away on any subject. (See Seneca, all you had to do was ask!) BigDaddy, this site is also delay free...for anybody that feels the need I didn't say DeLay free. Go for it!!!!

Some cartoonists are swinging for the fences...

...while others are
hopelessly striking out. I found that awful cartoon at a great site called nicoleMART. The site is quite fun and has some interesting commenters, including one that is plotting ways to kick my ass. I know that won't surprise readers from ml's blog.

I tried to keep the heat off the source of this most excellent cartoon, but getalife prefers a much deserved hat-tip to protection and adoration from his friends on the left.

The first Saturday in March means....

the Iditarod is beginning! The start of the Iditarod is always in Anchorage on the first Saturday in March. This is a ceremonial start and the real race begins the next day from Willow. The event is really remarkable in it's full scope and contrary to popular opinion the dogs are extremely well taken care of.

The ceremonial start is unique on its own because all night tonight they will be trucking snow into Anchorage to build the 4th street pathway, pictured at left, for the start. Staying at the Hotel Captain Cook you can watch them as they spend the night preparing. It seemed strange to me the first time I was there, but when you stop to think that Anchorage is a busy thriving city the rest of the week it starts to make sense.

If you should go sometime don't miss Gwennies for a great breakfast complete with reindeer sausage.

Come on DeeDee this is your year!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Don't you just love politicians?

A gas station chain in Minnesota is being fined for "willful, continuing, and egregious" violations of the state's price law on gasoline.

Do I hear shouts of "About time!"? But don't praise the politicians too fast. Before you say "Prices are just too high," or "Score one for keeping gas prices under control," recheck the story.

The law that was broken sets a MINIMUM price for gas sales. It doesn't stop prices from rising too high, but from falling too low -- whatever that is.

Yup, Midwest Oil is facing $140,000 in fines for selling gas too low in its Minnesota stations.

So why is there a law like this? Some alleged do-gooders decided that small Mom and Pop gas-only stations couldn't compete effectively against gas stations that also serve as convenience stores, selling snacks and soda -- or pop as they call it in Minnesota. These convenience store gas stations make enough on their other items to be able to lower their price on gas.

So, legislators set a minimum price for gas. This law costs drivers more while also making it easier for gas stations to provide less in services.

Do you see why I trust markets more than politicians? When you meddle in people's legitimate business, you get a muddle. And pay more, or get less -- or most likely both.

Good intentions, I guess -- just don't drive the road that's paved with 'em.

This is Common Sense. I'm Paul Jacob.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rock-a-bye Bader in the tree tops.....

After all the late night frivolity at the Supreme Court, you've got to catch a few Z's sometime!

Was it a case of dreaming of a better America, napping on the job, or just being asleep at the switch?

Serving on the highest court in the land is apparently a tiring affair for at least one Supreme Court justice who caught 40 winks on the bench, literally.

Trouble Triangulation in Chappaqua

Bill Clinton, former US president, advised top officials from Dubai two weeks ago on how to address growing US concerns over the acquisition of five US container terminals by DP World.

It came even as his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, was leading efforts to derail the deal.

Mr Clinton, who this week called the United Arab Emirates a “good ally to America”, advised Dubai’s leaders to propose a 45-day delay to allow for an intensive investigation of the acquisition, according to his spokesman.

Robert Novak has more.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Onion has apparently dropped the satire and gone for the real story.

Democrats Vow Not To Give Up The Hopelessness

WASHINGTON, DC—In a press conference on the steps of the Capitol Monday, Congressional Democrats announced that, despite the scandals plaguing the Republican Party and widespread calls for change in Washington, their party will remain true to its hopeless direction.

"We are entirely capable of bungling this opportunity to regain control of the House and Senate and the trust of the American people," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said to scattered applause. "It will take some doing, but we're in this for the long and pointless haul."

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reaffirms the Democratic Party’s promise to remain marginalized.
"We can lose this," Reid added. "All it takes is a little lack of backbone."

Despite plummeting poll numbers for the G.O.P nationwide and an upcoming election in which all House seats and 33 Senate seats are up for contention, Democrats pledged to maintain their party's sheepish resignation.

"In times like these, when the American public is palpably dismayed with the political status quo, it is crucial that Democrats remain unfocused and defer to the larger, smarter, and better-equipped Republican machine," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said. "If we play our cards right, we will be intimidated to the point of total paralysis."

This is just wrong. Who knew steroids were transsexual precursor drugs?

The Berkshire Eagle has a reader that gets it.

The Berkshire Eagle is an ultra liberal Western Massachusetts newspaper and often you can find editorials or letters to the editor that would make seem conservative, but every once in a while it gets to be too much for even their readership.

Tuesday, February 28
To the Editor of THE EAGLE:-
Unsurprisingly, the Feb. 24 letters to the editor regarding the proposed sale of the commercial operations of six major U.S. ports missed the boat entirely, pun intended.

Dubai Ports World is a business owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates. It is attempting to purchase the commercial operations at six ports on the eastern seaboard. The commercial interests at the six ports are currently owned by a private British firm. The purchase in no way changes the security situation at the ports which have been and will continue to be guarded by a variety of federal agencies including the Customs Service, Coast Guard and Navy.

I'm a Democrat, I voted for John Kerry in 2004, but claiming that President Bush et al. have committed some egregious violation of national security is foolish. It might be good politics to lump this issue with the administration's instances of incompetence and maliciousness, but such a perspective fails to see the larger issue.

If Dubai Ports World successfully gains control of the commercial interests at these ports, our national security will be improved. As a government-owned enterprise, Dubai Ports World will have an added incentive to make sure its minimal role in port security is executed flawlessly. Why? Because the political ramifications for the UAE would be extraordinary if it failed at this duty.

I don't like this administration very much, but ranting about every issue won't get us anywhere.


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