Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mega-Media giant RW-(the original) throws a bone to the NYT

whoever they are. As the untold millions of readers of this blog know there are several smaller publications where someone can get a voice. We know how futile that might seem when you are being silenced by the evil Bush administration and the only outlet you have is an obscure publication known as "The Old Gray Lady", so today we are going to give them a helping hand.

A climate expert apparently has been beaten down by Dick Cheney and his merry brand of torturers to the point of almost utter silence. The New York Times seems to be the last recourse for this poor fellow.

I say every crackpot deserves his moment in the sun, so I refuse to let President Bush bury this man's words on the pages of some obscure dead tree publication.

Sing it loud, sing it proud!!! Whoever this nut is he deserves a voice. If the global warming of the 30's had been taken seriously we never would have had the ice age of the 80's. Too bad RW-(the original) wasn't around then, but the outfit this poor guy has to resort to now was.

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