Thursday, January 26, 2006

Since the Democrats won't say what they mean, David Limbaugh does it for them

We often talk about the Democrats' conspicuous lack of a policy agenda as proof they are a party in decline. But I think there's even better evidence of the phenomenon: They habitually misrepresent what they stand for and what Republicans stand for, and constantly mischaracterize President Bush's actions.

If they had confidence in the salability of their ideas, would they need to play word games, resort to euphemisms, revise history, distort facts and repeat patently false charges?

I long for the days when the worst you could expect from a liberal was the articulate but good-faith presentation of wrongheaded ideas. Today, the political exponents of liberalism reside predominantly in the Democratic Party, which -- on the national level -- is on the verge of intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

David Limbaugh

Read the rest as Limbaugh takes you through Iraq, swings by New Orleans, visits a few dark places, and heads back to Washington.

**UPDATE** An alert reader, who obviously never uses the wrong wording or makes a spelling error, which is likely the case here, points out that David has an error in this paragraph. Let's go ahead and fix that:

How about their deliberate attempts to smear Judge Sam Alito as unethical for not initially recusing himself in a case involving Vanguard, a company in which he owned an amount of stock whose value couldn't conceivably have been eaffected by the outcome of the case? Even after Alito's eminently credible explanation for sitting on the case, Sen. Ted Kennedy tirelessly repeated the charge, as if Alito had confessed to flagrant misconduct.

Better anonymous complainer that is already identified here, but wishes to remain unknown elsewhere seneca?

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