Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A wax museum for living politicians?...Hmm...Sounds good mate!

Why can't Phillip Adams write for one of our left wing rags in the States? I suspect that he would skewer the politicians that I happen to like and give a pass to the ones I don't. So why why do I find his column so interesting?
Clearly what Australia needs are more places to park second-hand politicians. Places that get them out of the way where they can't do much harm. Now that all the prime possies - with the exception of the ABC - are occupied, perhaps it's time to be inventive. What about a living Madam Tussauds where, instead of wax figures that never look quite right, you've got the real thing? Instead of oil paintings and bronze busts, a National Portrait Gallery full of actual pollies.

Ideas like that would certainly keep the foxes out of the hen house when they left office. More likely it's just good writing. Adams takes his shots, but sprinkles in the perfect mix of humor and fact and doesn't take himself too seriously. I know a few writers here that should take note, I also know they won't.

Click the title of this post for the article in The Australian.

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