Monday, January 30, 2006

What if they threw a filibuster and nobody came?

After bravely calling for a filibuster from a resort in Davos Switzerland, John Francois Kerry (D-Vietnam) flew back to rally his troops. He and Cindy Sheehan (MB-Venezuela) teamed up to convince Diane Fienstein (D-CA) to join them. According to the Daily Southtown, Dick Durbin said Sunday only four more votes were needed. The filibuster count was now up to 37.

The pressure was being rained down upon the Senators. The Massachusetts madmen called in the Berkely bomb-throwers. With 24 hours to go it was a shoe-in that Judge Alito would be stopped.

So how did this high pressure campaign work?

Voting to proceed to a floor vote 72, voting to filibuster 25.

And how was the news taken at the AJC cartoon blog? The first response after the vote total was posted was this.
By kimberly

January 30, 2006 05:55 PM | Link to this

GOT FASCISM? You will. Tomorrow. Then watch Der Fuhrer boast about it in prime time. Pop the popcorn! Woo-HOOO. Congratulations America. A President without checks and balances is a Dick-tator. You wanted it, YOU GOT IT!

Once again, Congratulations! Praise theā€¦ whatever it is you people praise these days.

As is usually the case, substance triumphs over propaganda. Tomorrow around noon Judge Samuel A. Alito should become Justice Alito and take his seat on the Supreme Court. Congratulations to a fine and deserving man!

**UPDATE** Michelle Malkin has the Kennedy meltdown and a sample of the compassionate responses in theWashington Post blog.

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