Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another moonbat comes forward to bravely fight for the right... turn any audience into their political playpen. As the conspiracy theory goes, no left wing voices are allowed anywhere in the United States so they must step up at any occasion where a microphone might appear or attempt to get their words printed in obscure media publications in the hopes that someday someone will notice.

Former Georgia State Representative E. Wycliff Orr found just such a brave outlet. A little known daily, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, stood up to the censorship squads and printed Orr's whiny little rant. [linked in the title] So what was it that made Orr take pen in hand to stand up for?

Well, it's happened again. Same song, different verse. Progressive voices manage to garner a modicum of national attention, and the right wing unleashes its customary salvo attempting to silence that message.

At the Coretta Scott King funeral service, former President Jimmy Carter, the Rev. Joseph Lowery and others used that microphone to call attention to the Bush administration's various failures. No sooner had they done so than the customary retaliation began: How dare those eulogizers use that somber occasion to inject politics into such a sacred moment, especially in the presence of President Bush himself?

Ah yes, the unalienable right to make an ass out of yourself at a funeral of an American citizen whose life was considered so important to the nation that every living President healthy enough to attend was there.

Orr has a tiny bit of a point here. Everybody has the right to prove they are totally without class. Where he goes wrong is believing we have to quietly accept his boorishness.

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