Saturday, February 18, 2006

Conservatives are from Mars (Liberals are from San Fransisco)

Bert Prelutsky and his wife have the entire staff of RW-(the original) on their side.

My wife would like to see us kick the United Nations out of the United States. I, for one, think it’s a swell idea. What’s more, I’m certain that most New Yorkers feel the same. After all, for the past 58 years, the gang of scofflaws have taken advantage of their diplomatic immunity to be the worst kind of guests. Double-parking is the least of it.
Probably the only people who would miss these expense account spongers are the waiters and maitre ‘d’s at the more expensive Manhattan eateries.

My own reason for wanting the U.N. padlocked is because I object to corruption and hypocrisy being passed off as high mindedness. I understand that Kofi Annan, which sounds like a 12-step program for caffeine addicts, collected a nice piece of change out of Iraq’s phony oil-for-food program. But my problem with the organization is more basic than that, although it does explain how it is that Mr. Annan seems to have a more extensive, more expensive, wardrobe than Donald Trump.

People such as John Kerry are always eager to get the U.N.’s good housekeeping seal of approval before America makes a foreign policy decision. Or at least Kerry and company do when there’s a Republican in the White House. I don’t seem to recall it’s having been quite so imperative when Clinton and Lewinsky were holding down the Oval Office.

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