Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Did anybody see the Cheney quail hunting story?

The mainstream media is hiding what may be the story of the century. In this report from Newsbusters we learn that Chris Matthews just isn't going to stand for a blackout of this story.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews seriously asked on the 5pm EST edition of Tuesday’s Hardball, about media coverage of the Cheney hunting accident: “Has the press been playing this down?” Matthews exclaimed that he was “shocked” at how “this was bottom of the fold in the New York Times and the Washington Post yesterday.” He went on to claim: “I've talked to experts, they can't believe that the papers treated this as such a light issue.” Turning to guest Dee Dee Myers, Matthews contended: “I was kind of surprised, to put it lightly, to see that the major newspapers on the East coast had buried this story below the fold and it was only today that they brought it up above the fold." Matthews’ thesis was too ludicrous even for an astounded Myers, President Clinton’s one-time Press Secretary, who countered with common sense: "I don't think putting it on the front page is burying it, Chris, I think that was an appropriate placement for the story.”

When Dee Dee Myers isn't playing along it might be time buy a clue. This reminds me of the MSM's obsession that if only people knew that John Kerry had served in Vietnam he would be a shoe-in. Laughably the only person that bought their story that time was Kerry himself. I swear I think people lied to pollsters just to get John to remind us one more time.

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