Friday, February 03, 2006

An International day of anger? From such a peaceful bunch no less!

The overflowing anger over a few cartoons run in a Danish newspaper back in September has reached "theater of the absurd" proportions. I am simply going to link to several sites that have wide coverage of the cartoons and their responses. What I find most appalling is the American media outlets that have decided to mention the story, but decline to show the cartoons. These cartoons are far less offensive than things the "enlightened ones" in the media try to cram down our throats on a daily basis and are most assuredly less offensive than watching our fellow citizens jumping to their death to escape burning alive after having a plane flown into their office or having their heads sawed off with the background chants of "Allah Akbar".

Michelle Mal kin with pictures of the outrage and the cartoons.

Little green footballs has a slideshow of the cartoons. After seeing this you can go back to the lgf home page and scroll down to see several entries on this topic.

Cox & Fork um has a great link roundup of the controversy and, as always, an excellent cartoon of their own.

Newsbusters gives the information on our very own media and their selective outrage.

On a very interesting blog that is not safe for work sonia-belle has more. The cartoon on this site has been taken down out of disgust with the position of the U.S. State Department.

**UPDATE** LGF points out that three different wire service stories referencing the State Department position all list a different source. They have updated that link with a transcript of the daily briefing at State. Maybe we don't have need an official ambassador of cartoons.

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