Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Maureen Dowd must be moonlighting at Pravda

So what does Richard (better known as Dick) Cheney do when he isn’t sending his legions across the borders of sovereign nations against international law to commit acts of torture, rape, sodomy and mass murder? He shoots birds...and to spice up the weekend, peppers his friends with buckshot.

But how utterly predictable. Predicatable that Richard Cheney should spend his free time shooting. Predictable that in the event what he shoots in perhaps the most defenceless animal on God’s Earth – the bird. Predictable that the bird he chooses is perhaps the most defenceless feathered creature of all – the quaint little quail which not even a peck can offer in self defence. Predictable that the shooting incident was confirmed only after a day’s silence and after the local press got hold of it and predictable that Cheney did not have his documentation in order.

Read it all, there is no end to the crimes Maureen Timothy BANCROFT-HINCHEY accuses Vice President Cheney of. One is even true and I'm glad Maureen Bancroft-Hinchey stayed true to her feminist roots on the last name.

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