Thursday, February 09, 2006

More pontification, to publish or not to publish...

This editorial isn't much different than most lame US newspaper excuses with this exception.

The Sydney Morning Herald argued that "just as we do not need to publish pornographic images to debate pornography, we do not need to amplify the offence by publishing the cartoons". But anyone who wishes to contribute to the pornography debate should at least have seen it, even if not in the pages of the SMH.

If we extend that argument, it was open to newspapers to adopt an unctuous approach, resisting the temptation to publish, in favour of alerting readers to website links. Few here did. One site,, displays umpteen images of Mohammed over the ages that have not caused riots, including one on the frieze on the US Supreme Court building.

Zombietime. When you get finished with the "Mohammed can't be pictured" retrospective, be sure to return to the Zombieime home page and look around. You may be shocked, but you won't be disappointed.


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