Monday, February 13, 2006

What about the Whittington family?

Reporters are figuratively foaming at the mouth that they didn't know sooner about Vice President Cheney's hunting incident. They're acting like somebody put a box of billing records in a closet and didn't "find" them until the statute of limitations ran out on their worth. Well at least they're acting like they would have acted if that scenario had happened under a Republican administration.

The problem that many seem to have is that since the Vice President was involved it was incumbent on the administration to notify them immediately. The reporters should be thankful that wasn't the case considering their miserable record of finding facts in a breaking news story. Remember the hundreds of murder victims inside the Superdome? How about all the sharks swimming down Canal Street?

But what about the Whittington family. Harry Whittington is a 78 year old millionaire lawyer that probably has considerable extended family. That family deserved a chance to be notified of his true condition before the press started up the rumor mill.

Chris Matthews and David Gregory kept insisting tonight on Hardball that had Cheney been the victim we would have known immediately. Okay that's true, but they take that a step further and insist that means that people aren't treated equally in this country since there was a delay in finding out about Whittington.

That is a ridiculous comparison. Dick Cheney is the elected Vice President of our nation and his condition is in our vital interest. Harry Whittington and his family are private citizens that deserve some deference from the self-important voyeuristic vultures that pose as reporters these days.

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