Tuesday, March 28, 2006

3/28 Open thread-When ml lets you down..well you know what to do.

To start off here is the Cartoon
I see the ml blog is up and running again.

Too bad the ajc server ate up the comments posted after 5pm or so on the Trump cartoon.

Okay, back to today's cartoon. Andrew Card isn't worthy of this jibe. He's just taken on what used to be the Vice President's role of figurehead.
Okay, so ml's crystal ball is pretty good. But wasn't one of the reasons Bolton was moved over to OMB (to be replaced by Rove as deputy chief of staff) was because he was considered ineffective? And will Rove report to him, or the other way around?
I feel discriminated against (j/k), Ml's blog is not taking my posts.

This is all CoxNet's fault.
It's not u Davidu - MLs blog is down again.


It's Josh Bolten with an e...not to be confused with John Bolton with an o.

Other than that, the only thing I know about him at this point is that he dated Bo Derek, and Tony Snow thinks he's great.
Well, I was posting at the HP with Alec Baldwin telling about yesterday's comments here and they would not post.

I have been banned all over the "internets".

Did you try complimenting Alec Baldwin for his performance?

Here's the link to Baldwin's blog

I think it was terribly unfair of Hannity to say that Baldwin is a limosine lib who slurred the folks. Nope - it's clear that he only hates one former construction worker and Long Islander, not all of them. How dare Hannity the pornographer spread these dirty Neocon lies!

It's a sad day when Huff and Puff bans you. Maybe she just wants to collect a few of your thoughts and write them as if you did an essay for her.
Buy Danish,

Looks like the f-word network has another new name. The Luftwaffe/Looney Bin Network.

I think DavidU should apologize to supermodels everywhere since I once mocked their profession, don't you?
I was trying to pimp your blog on yesterday's post.

I even changed my name and nothing posted. It is probably due to this blog.

Blame me for your posts not going up? Maybe you should quit changing your name all the time, although it worked at Expose the Left.

Sounds just like Baldwin telling McCarthy to apologize to construction workers for what Baldwin said.
Look at comment number 97. The cool thing about having the initials RW is that I can take credit whether "David Richardson" meant it or not.
Alec Baldwin has never heard of Mark "Cabin Boy" Levin?

That's a pretty neat trick - determining someone's sexuality just by hearing their voice on the radio. Or was he thinking of "Master and Commander" when he said it?

Meanwhile he sure is good at butt-kissing. He might want to get a hotel room for himself and O'Reilly.
Buy Danish,

That part of your link was very creepy. It's a good thing it wasn't O'Reilly writing it about Baldwin or we would have had another sexual harassment suit in the news.

O'Reilly only kisses his own butt, so I had no fear that of that happening.
When everything looks bad, I always feel better knowing that at least we are not France...Yet

RW- What supermodels?

If the Left had its way, we'd be just like France, only without the food and wine.

Any of them you like. I've given you an opening to supermodels anywhere you find them.

Was this some of your undergrad research? Cornell has all the fun.

No such research at Cornell during my undergrad days. That I'm aware of.

Keep in mind that that my freshman year, the dorms were still sex segregated (boys at one edge of the campus, girls at the other). That was the last year of panty raids.

Somehow, having co-ed dorms took all the fun out of torchlight led lingerie quests.

I always thought that was what Sorority houses were for.
While Fox 'news' gets hysterical over the Paris 'riots' (how many dead? Injured? Burning buildings?), a Brit expat leftist in Paris laments that they just don't strike like they used to...

Scroll down to check out the list of 13 things to do during the strike.

Fox was also the network that yesterday aired pictures of Mexican jaywalkers in LA and declared that the city was "totally out of control!!"

Too bad about the student protests in France, though. People aspiring to self-marginalization. It's time someone dragged them into the 20th Century...
Sorority houses? It just wasn't done! I don't know why, but panty raids were strictly a frosh related dorm activity.

The fact that the state drinking age was 18 back then helped fuel the lust for lace and nylon. By the time you were 19, you were off-campus and more selective in your mix of alcohol and ardor...
That's quite a list of French activities. Was that fireworks/tempting fate one describing a car?

I can't believe you are dogging Fox over LA being out of control. If the freeways get shut down LA is out of control. Mindless travel is an absolute must in SoCal.
Seneca - When I saw the school walk outs all I could do was laugh. If that had been me when I was in High School, my mom would have called the INS herself...actually no, she would have picked me up as I was marching and deported my ass back to Colombia herself, free of charge to the US gov't.

Actually I think I'm going to call her right now to make sure she knows I'm at work and not marching somewhere...

High School is way back in my rear view mirror, but I remember walking out for anything. It was a great way to get in good with the "enlightened" girls.
RW - Oh I would too as long as there are not FOX or CNN helicopters around that would have provided my mother grounds to beat my ass as she's buying tickets to Colombia. I don't care how 'enlightened' those girls are ;)

I even know the sermon she would have given on the way to the airport "We did not up root our family and come to the US looking for a better future for you to be skipping school, you wan to march fine, do it after school.....blah..blah...blah" or something along those lines. And that's even before my dad had gotten home
"Dad: Where David?....Mom:He went protesting with some friends so I sent his butt back to my mother's farm in Colombia.....Dad:God! kids today, so you make 'frijoles' for dinner?" Yep, I can see it now..... only in Spanish instead of English.

I guess I wouldn't be going too far out on a limb by saying your Mom got her message across loud and clear.

Good Job David's Mom!

The Dad part is universal I think, "oh yea, what's for dinner?" seems familiar.
When Fox was doing it's "totally out of control" dance, there was no video of student clogged freeways. I was amused.

You're right about LA being freeway addicted. The protestors probably abandoned freeway protests when they ralized they'd be road-kill. Under the California penal code, I think that's justifiable homicide.
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