Wednesday, March 08, 2006

As cool as the English language version of Pravda is they might be overreacting.

When the silky pony is involved who knows what to believe.

The Kepm-Edwards (sic) report condemns the policies that Russia runs on the post-Soviet space. According to the officials, such politics undermines stability and threatens the independence of its neighbours. The cooperation which Russia runs in the energy field with Ukraine is described as “a potential instrument of political intimidation.” According to the US officials, the power in Russia is democratic only outwardly, whereas the content of the Russian power is not democratic at all. Jack Kemp and John Edwards believe that the US administration should not only express its concerns about the current state of democratic affairs in Russia. They think that the USA needs to increase the funding of the Russian non-governmental organizations intended to participate in parliamentary and presidential elections in 2007-2008. To crown it all, the authors of the report do not view the strategic partnership with Russia as a realistic prospect. They believe that the White House should conduct a “selective cooperation” with Moscow.

Lighten up guys, I think you might be on to something with Hamas.

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