Saturday, March 25, 2006

As if anyone needed it, more proof that Democrats have no sense of humor

From Vice-President Cheney:

"If they are competent to fight this war, then I ought to be singing on American Idol."

Now that's funny right there. Not Larry the Cable Guy funny, but funny nonetheless.

The Democrat response:

"Simon Cowell is more loved than this administration and its failed Iraq policy. Cheney wouldn't last long on American Idol."

Now that could have been funny if Democrats knew anything about humor. (hint to Democrats-that last part is the same thing Cheney said) Watch as RW-(the original) punches this up for them:

"Simon Cowell is more loved than this administration and its failed Iraq policy." Cheney wouldn't last long on American Idol.

Don't quit your day job, RW, but your line is funnier than the Democrat's.

Luis Miranda, on the other hand, is about as funny as a hangnail. And I thought the Democrats had cornered the professional comedy market.

Who said I had a day job? Besides all I did was use the "don't buy it back" strategy to help Miranda with his own line.

Democrats do have the professional comedy market cornered, you would think they could get some tips.
"Cheney himself said that when he returned to the White House from the hunting trip, Bush told him, "Dick, I'm 38 percent in the polls and you shot the only trial lawyer who supports me."

Bush isn't bad either.


I may have to start my own blog just so I can learn the trade secret to how you put that line through the text.
Buy Danish,


but it doesn't work in the comment section.
So you're saying I have no sense of humor, RW? I mean, because that's what I'm getting from the title of this post...

Your answer could be right here in the comment section, maybe I consider you a professional.
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