Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Aspiring to be the next Partridge Family?

Low mileage only driven to school and back, never used for frivolous things like evacuations.


I hear you've been telling people things about me and my blog. Where is this magic taking place??

Do you come over here every time I go to your place? I guess you haven't noticed, but this is the magical place.
Yes, this is where we make the "Gang of
Pirates" disappear.

Watch me pull this rabbit out of my hat/ tip Bullwinkle.
What idiot will buy those buses if they are 'unsalvageable' ?

Are these the same buses that some scrap metal company was willing to pay $300.00 per bus for, but Nagin made other arrangements that cost the taxpayers tons of money?
Buy Danish,

I never heard anything about the buses, but a car crushing company in Texas had offered to pay $100.00 for each junk car in the city and have them all gone in 15 weeks. That would have brought in $5 million. Instead Nagin came up with his own plan which will take 6 months to get rid of the cars and cost the city around $25 million.

You could buy a couple and turn them into island bistros.
I wonder if the bidders on those buses will check them out at carmax?

Ah yes, I remember now. Nothing like a Democrat with a plan.
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