Friday, March 10, 2006

Bennish reinstated

At a news conference this afternoon, Moses said Bennish doesn't deserve to be praised, nor does he deserve to be fired. "Jay Bennish has promise as a teacher, but his practice and deportment need growth and refinement," said Moses. "I will continue to try and improve myself as a teacher," said Bennish. "And I will continue to try and influence students to think critically about our world."

The announcement came after Bennish's attorney, David Lane, promised to sue the school district if Bennish was fired.

Only in America, the most violent nation on earth according to Bennish, can you just threaten a law suit and slide back into your job. I think the right decision was made if Moses keeps his promise of supervision, but it sure would be nice to have it made without the threat.

I love this part.
At a meeting Thursday, Bennish told Cherry Creek school leaders that he should have used a different dictator when comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler in a geography class.

Why you ask? Here was his statement to the class.
Bennish had cited "eerie similarities" between Bush's State of the Union address and "things that Adolf Hitler used to say."

What new dictator should Bennish use to make that more palatable? The best reaction was that of Governor Bill Owens.
“My first thought is to thank Sean Allen for standing up and voicing his concern over a teacher who was using his classroom as a political soapbox. Second, I hope that Mr. Bennish will learn something from this and actually work to balance and improve his classroom presentation,” said Owens, in the statement.

3/12 another perspective Mary Grabar from Clayton State University

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