Sunday, March 12, 2006

Come on..All she did was write a letter

"I am certain that the results of the legal and ethics process, when viewed in context, will absolve me of any wrongdoing other than writing a single letter, a letter which I regret, which was wrong," Hanna said in a letter to Senate colleagues. "Yet I believe that outside politics will prevail over the orderly legal and ethics procedure. ... This will be about the majority control of the Colorado State Senate."

Sure Deanna it's ALL about those evil Republicans trying to have a majority. What did she write you may ask?
After the election, Sen. Hanna learned that the statewide Association of Realtors, of which the Jefferson County group is a member, had endorsed her Republican opponent, Tori Merritts. And not only that, they also contributed $1,400 to Merritts's campaign.

Hanna won, so there was really no need to rub anybody out. Still, the Senator was peeved. She fired off a letter to the Realtors Small Donor Committee, the political action committee of the statewide Association of Realtors, suggesting that "$1,400 in post-election debt relief" might be a wise move on their part "in order to set things straight."

The not-so-subtle threat worked, to a degree. The realtors soon sent Sen. Hanna a check for $400. But of course loan sharks don't accept less than full payment. Why should politicians? So, Sen. Hanna demanded the rest.

Did I say demand? Let's just say she humbly requested the rest. Her follow-up letter to the Realtors Small Donor Committee read:

My reparations request stands. It seems a rather small price to pay for creating a fracture in my relation with your organization. It is my hope that you will make our relationship whole again. There are going to be some very important issues ahead of us. You have a choice. So do I.

Read the rest from Paul Jacob.

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