Monday, March 27, 2006

Confidential---John Kerry hates celery!!!

There was quite the fuss last week when Dick Cheney's travel demands were published by The Smoking Gun. Well it turns out he's a piker compared to John Kerry. The Vice-President wants all TV's tuned to the Fox News Channel, earning him much derision from the "progressives", so what does Kerry want his TV's primed and ready for??? One can only guess, but it ain't CNN. JFK? Perhaps something a little more exotic?

Of course in typical Kerry fashion someone in the traveling party voted for the celery before they voted against it!

Kerry even flip flops on his menu requests:

P. 1: NEVER order: Tomato based products OR sandwhiches.

P. 2: JK will nto be eating ...anything containing tomato

P. 3: (Breakfast choice)Poached egg on tomato

I guess he was against tomatoes before he was for them.
Buy Danish,

Page 1-Grilled Tuna, halibut, or chicken


of course the smoking gun tries to cover by saying part of this is just for Teresa, but it sure doesn't say it.
Maybe Midori can explain this nuance.

I also like the bit about not needing too many nuts. How much it too many? Or too few?
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This is Kerry we're talking about. Maybe "few nuts" is a euphemism.

This thing is just like the campaign.

Oranges and key limes, but no citrus.

Milanos and chocolate chip cookies, but no chocolate.

Yeah, and what's with the "passion fruit"? I don't think I've ever seen, nevermind tasted this exotic fare.

Must be my cloistered, trailer trash existence. Sigh.
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Maybe he wanted to catch up on his reading and nobody told him it was out of print. I hope he didn't mean these nasty looking things.

Is ml down again or did I get banned for trying to educate "bushwanker"?
Down again. A crying shame too, because I had a riposte for Candidas that has not popped up, and I'm also in the mood to parse all the stuff that finch has posted.

Meanwhile, la di da, according to Wiki, "The two types of passion fruit have greatly different exterior appearances, even though their interior seeds taste identical. The bright yellow passion fruit (for example, in Brazil) can grow up to the size of a grapefruit, with a smooth, glossy, light and airy rind. The dark purple passion fruit (for example, in Kenya) is smaller than a lemon, with a dry, wrinkled rind."

Decisions, decisions. Which one do you think the Heinz-Kerrys preferred?
Still too lazy to figure out the linking, so I'll post this from WND:

Clinton chauffeur an illegal immigrant
NEWARK, N.J., March 27 (UPI) -- An embarrassing hole in security surrounding former U.S. President Bill Clinton turned up when one of his chauffeurs was found to be a wanted man.

Shahzad Qureshi, 42, was in one of three cars awaiting Clinton at Newark Airport last week when a Port Authority policeman happened to check license plate numbers.

The computer came back showing the Pakistani national had skipped a residency-status hearing in 2000, and a deportation order had been issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the New York Post reported.

Qureshi was still in jail Monday awaiting immigration processing, the report said.

Woops! Good thing he didn't come out against the Ports deal - this could have been embarrassing, to say the least. I hope that Bush doesn't use the same employment agency, as it could also prove dangerous.
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Well Ms. Heinz, I believe she dropped the Kerry again after the election, actually is an African-American so I'll go with the Kenyan fruits.

Isn't it funny how finch gets all nervous when someone else tries to take on his cause to reinstate Saddam and starts posting dozens of links to obfuscate the whole issue?




A portion of that response to Buy Danish was written in HTMLSARC.

True, but her father was Portugese, and Brazilians speak Portugese, so this is quite a dilemna.

As for the name change, my guess is that the 'heavenly bed', passion fruit, and movies-on-demand did not do enough to keep that marriage together.
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See if the first line here does the trick.
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That does make this more difficult. Maybe one day a whistle blower will come forward and tell us they never had either one. They probably had separate rooms too.

I saw a comment on another blog about this topic that said something about the big deal everybody was making about Cheney's list when he basically just asked for a menu and how his whole list was pretty much what any business traveler would want.

HTMLSARC is your friend!

My friend, too...

I can't see the big deal about the Kerry travel standards. I didn't lose sleep over the Cheney list, either.

It might be fun to see the list of pay-per-view flicks the two ordered....

Look the New York Times was wrong again!

Which two? John and Teresa, John and Dick, or John and John?
I knew Kerry wasn't all bad. By selecting Emmanuelle he has risen greatly in my estime - from the slimy mucus level to a marine invertebrate level...

It's still progress...
Whoa, that last link looked way too close in the personal space.

I see you crashed the server again.

If he started by ordering PPV's with Emmanuelle back in the Sylvia Kristel days and followed the whole series he's still watching. I think Emmanuelle in Space is running on cable now.

How about Dick and Lynne? Research on her book, (in case Hollywood ever options it)?

In another stunning development, Howard Dean may now have a plan.

Just because mine is the last one showing doesn't mean I killed it. I have one for finch hanging out there in cyber space too.

Or maybe ml just liked my advice to "bushwacker" and decided to freeze it there.

John was the one that wanted Spectravision so he has to be on any list.

I think that other link came straight from a Harry Reid speech.

I envy your ability not to lose sleep over the smoking gun's travel demands.

I will be up all night thinking about tomatoes (yes or no?) and passion fruit dilemnas.

I could try reading the Lynne Cheney book about the "silent trapped majority" to get my mind off of things...
Testing my linking skills -

Why does Helen Thomas still want to do it if it's so freaking boring?
It made the blue line thing perfectly, but the story can't be displayed.

I have failed the first test and don't know why.
Buy Danish,

It has the http:// twice, other than that it should be fine.
Second attempt, new story -

Fine! Let Helen Thomas run instead.
OK we're getting somewhere now. That one worked, but had the wrong address I think.

Third time's the charm! Let's do it...
Huh? What happened. I'm running out of Helen Thomas sarcs.

I can think of someone who has lost the power who could run instead of sexy (?)Hillary, namely Helen Thomas
Bingo! Now that I can do "it" I will drive you crazy posting stuff.
Now I wish the link wouldn't have worked.
Buy Danish,

It looks like Sharon was right after all. NSFW Hot Hillary
BD and RW - Seen this?

If not enjoy!
So this would be Sharon Stone's explanation for Margaret Thatcher?


I'm all for free speech, but it's time for a moratorium on dumb Hollywood types trying to be S-E-R-I-O-U-S.

Are those passion fruits??? (And I don't mean Saddam or Osama...)

I think those are melons of some sort, we've seen passion fruits enough today. I think this also "proves" the Saddam/Osama connection.

And no DavidU, I know it still doesn't link them to 9/11 but it's closing in.

The funniest part of that picture is that it looks like Sandy Burglar just put something in his jacket. Thanks!

Why does Clinton look like he's about to barf? And why is there a pillow on Mad Madeline's lap - is it for Sandy to rest his head on?


I hate to break it to you, but they are not about to shut up.

Just this morning I heard Alex Baldwin complain to Sean Hannity that he was an ignorant something or other from...Long Island.

And then there are the Charlie Sheen conspiracy theories.

And Barbra Streisand may tour again! What an opportunity to share her ideas with the audience.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA as Midori would say.
Buy Danish,

Here's some of that Alec Baldwin/Sean Hannity dust-up.

How would you like it if you had spent a fortune to attend Barbra's much hyped final concert only to have her head back out on tour? Those people better try to unload those ticket stubs quick.

Thanks for the link! I was operating from memory (not reliable) and I was half asleep at that That is too hilarious - better than South Park. I'll have to try to download it to my MP3 knockoff, if I can figure out how to do it.

I loved the "cabin boy" stuff too. Where is Code Pink and Act Up! going to go if they can't depend on liberal Hollywood types to support them?

Re Barbra - you're right, and EBAY should be seeing a lot of action any day now.
Oops, forgot an essential period (.) between the "that"s.

Irregardless, it should still make sense.
You better hope the Socialist English teacher doesn't pop in.
Y'all should leave a comment over there.

Over where? If you mean ml's the server will probably crash again trying to post the comments that are already in queue.
No, the "expose the left"
link. I left one.
I'm depressed. I can't eat any celery since I just had my tooth pulled.

But I still hate it without peanut butter slathered all over it.
Baldwin respects O'Reilly but says Hannity is "no talent"??

Earth to Alec... earth to Alec... (knock, knock).. anybody home? Earth to Alec....

Kerry did insist on Skippy Creamy that he may have used on the celery in the car, but never on the celery that wasn't allowed in the room.

Tooth pulled? That sux..


I don't see you over there, did you get really obnoxious?
WTF, my comment is gone. Freedom of speech, yea right.

I don't really think freedom of speech has a lot to do with someone's blog. What the hell did you say? Ian usually lets a good bit go over there.
I said "cabin boy".

No, my memory is bad but I think I said Fox was full of no talent hacks like O'Reilly and they should tune into CNN every once in a while just to be fair and balanced.

He probably thought you were spamming for CNN. I tried your CNN tip for awhile and I get all the same stories on Fox, but on Fox I get both sides. Maybe CNN is more for people that don't really want the truth.

I noticed your thank you note is still up.
Well, I am a "vicious lib" and some can't handle my opinion.

Ian huh, maybe I should leave him a nice wingnut comment to see if he will delete it. I am guessing not.

Let's hope Socialist Dick doesn't show up for reasons beyond my typing errors.


When you are ready to eat celery again, it is delicious stuffed with cream cheese and Chutney.

Picking on an 18 year old kid..huh? tsk tsk
Nah, I will let him slide. I know its tough to be a wingnut these days.

I love posting comments on sites like those. Even if they are deleted.

Half the time when I comment at your blog you delete the whole post. Maybe it's payback time for you!
If this isn't whacked out then what is?:

Hollywood activist SEAN PENN has a plastic doll of conservative US columnist ANN COULTER that he likes to abuse when angry.
And would somebody describe "abuse?"

You are correct, I knew I was wrong and deleted. Plus it was not funny but Andy's comment is very funny.

Surely blogger doesn't have that name already registered.

I hope he has the one that gets to abuse you back.

Somebody else is "thanking" Ian for deleting now. I don't see how he can possibly monitor it as much as he posts and his posts require setting up video and audio links. He had to get guest bloggers when he was gone this weekend, so maybe there are some automatic triggers set up.

Why don't you answer Andy? I figured you knew something about abusing plastic Ann Coulter figures.
I don't know if you have to be registered but it posted.

The Ann doll is very funny with the audio clips.

You know you can use audio clips in your profile. I used the God Warrior song.

Do you mean you weren't registered at Expose the Left the first time?
I made it in. Comment #53 (for what it's worth).
Yes, I read his comment policy and it says you have to register but I just posted without registering.
Did you register before the "thank you" comment?

Buy Danish,

Are you going by "Jordon Powell" now?
Buy Danish,

OK now your comment has shown up as #54 and what was #53 is now #56.

I need a drink if I'm going to try to follow his comment section!
Its a right wing conspiracy!

Let me try again and use a differnt name.
getalife aka Joe,

That (VRWC) one showed up just as I was commenting over there.
buydanish: cream cheese and chutney, huh? Hell, dip ANY vegetable in cheese and it's bound to taste a little better.

Hey, how nutritious is a stick of celery, anyway? I hear your burn more calories chewing it than it even holds.

I think that is confidential information.
Buy Danish,

I think I've pissed a few of them off over at Ian's place.


You started this proving once again what a vicious lib you are!

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