Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cynthia McKinney demonstrates the new Democrat security plan.

From Ed Morrisey:

I just need to make sure we have this correct. The new Democratic effort on national security, therefore, is to defy identification procedures, ignore common-sense safeguards, pretend not to hear warnings, and then assault the people protecting us.

That pretty well sums it up. McKinney is my former Congressional Representative and if I'm reading the new map correctly my soon to be Representative again next term. I feel so loved by the State legislature.

Michelle Malkin has more here.

You are such a LUCKY man!!


Well there is always a chance she could lose, right? No really RIGHT??? Couldn't she???
For your sake, for my sake, and for the country's sake, I pray that she DOES lose.

Personally, I'd rather have a "Duke" Cunningham as my representative in Congress than a Cynthia McKinney.

(HTMLSARC)Do you think I'm a racist for saying that?(/HTMLSARC)

John Linder's district is just a couple of blocks away so I'll just pretend. I was in the wacky 13th which had to be a nightmare district for David Scott, but he wasn't a bad guy for a Democrat.

At least with Cynthia I know that as a white male Republican I have no illusion of representation.
As part of her plea agreement, she should be added to the Do Not Fly List, as she exhibits traits similar to your garden variety terrorist suspect.

I'd like to see a little Congressional censure too - just for fun.
Well RW,

You can comment on the AJC homepage about Cynthia.
Why do they let them bypass the metal detectors? They are criminals. Oh, I bet because Tom had a hammer but we found out, he like packing heat. Too bad, the judge said no.

I agree, Congresspeople are the last ones I would let bypass security.
Cynthia had better show karma some respect, otherwise karma will definitely get her. Arrogant snots usually get theirs... eventually.

And speaking of karma, I see there's another "Earl" doubleheader on tonight...

The cast needs to get off their butts and make enough episodes for that to be a nightly show.

Nicole is writing a story five words at a time if you'd like to jump in.

I noticed that Nicole had a new project.

I'm still trying to pick my 5 words!

There is a certain flow to the story...Currently Oops the pirate is performing as a cowgirl in a female impersonation review.
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