Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Damn tags!!!!

Apparently Nicole wasn't satisfied with her We Hate RW-(the original) review and has decided to further torment your humble correspondent. She has been kind enough to allow question modification, so I have made a few tiny little changes.

1. What were you doing 10 50 Years Ago?

Organizing a parade from East Bridgewater to Brockton to celebrate my upcoming first birthday

2. 5 8 Years Ago?

Preparing to get married and this time to the right woman!

3. 1 year Ago?

Buying a new computer to replace my Commodore 64

4. Five snacks you enjoy:

Lobster, King Crab legs, Fillet Minion, Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna wrapped in bacon, knockoff Twinkies

5. Five Seven songs (I think) I know by heart all the words to:

Rock & Roll Part 2 ('s a start)

All six songs on Rick Wakeman's Six Wives of Henry VIII

6. Five things I would do with a LOT of money:

Start buying snacks 1 through 4

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hell buy the Sydney Harbour Bridge (how much money are we talking about?)

Who couldn't use a few members of Congress

Buy the UN building and begin the eviction process

7. Five things I would never wear:

A blue fedora, a lime green leisure suit, any other color leisure suit, any sort of crown, or two sombreros (thanks @@ aka OO)

8. Five Things I should never have worn five of my cyber friends are probably wearing right now ( If you aren't on this list please be thankful about it):

Nicole-A rhinestone tiara and kickboxing gloves

getalife-His finest purple pimp style suit

@@-My other sombrero (see above and take your pick)

Seneca-An old sweater

Sonia-Toenail polish

9. Five Three things I enjoyed doing nine or more years ago:

Blonds, brunettes, & redheads

10. Five bad habits???:

Puhleezze! I'm sure somebody will try to paint me with some in the comments, don't believe them.

11. Five Other people I would like to do this:

el patro on request
Tara because she already did it.

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