Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Damn tags!!!!

Apparently Nicole wasn't satisfied with her We Hate RW-(the original) review and has decided to further torment your humble correspondent. She has been kind enough to allow question modification, so I have made a few tiny little changes.

1. What were you doing 10 50 Years Ago?

Organizing a parade from East Bridgewater to Brockton to celebrate my upcoming first birthday

2. 5 8 Years Ago?

Preparing to get married and this time to the right woman!

3. 1 year Ago?

Buying a new computer to replace my Commodore 64

4. Five snacks you enjoy:

Lobster, King Crab legs, Fillet Minion, Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna wrapped in bacon, knockoff Twinkies

5. Five Seven songs (I think) I know by heart all the words to:

Rock & Roll Part 2 ('s a start)

All six songs on Rick Wakeman's Six Wives of Henry VIII

6. Five things I would do with a LOT of money:

Start buying snacks 1 through 4

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hell buy the Sydney Harbour Bridge (how much money are we talking about?)

Who couldn't use a few members of Congress

Buy the UN building and begin the eviction process

7. Five things I would never wear:

A blue fedora, a lime green leisure suit, any other color leisure suit, any sort of crown, or two sombreros (thanks @@ aka OO)

8. Five Things I should never have worn five of my cyber friends are probably wearing right now ( If you aren't on this list please be thankful about it):

Nicole-A rhinestone tiara and kickboxing gloves

getalife-His finest purple pimp style suit

@@-My other sombrero (see above and take your pick)

Seneca-An old sweater

Sonia-Toenail polish

9. Five Three things I enjoyed doing nine or more years ago:

Blonds, brunettes, & redheads

10. Five bad habits???:

Puhleezze! I'm sure somebody will try to paint me with some in the comments, don't believe them.

11. Five Other people I would like to do this:

el patro on request
Tara because she already did it.

Oh, you are SO cruel!!!!

First off, I'm not wearing my tiara. Why, you ask? Because it's in the shop for repairs.

Second, I will be wearing my kick[ass]boxing gloves later this evening. Not looking forward to that but it must be done.

Third...why KNOCKOFF twinkies? Is the genuine article that expensive??
ng The knockoffs have so much preservative they have a shelf life of about 300 years.
Thanks for the tag, RW. As for me, I'm wearing a poncho over blue jeans.

P.S. You've just earned yourself a link.
In the immortal words of Terry Bradshaw, "Now thats funny."

Pimping blogs nationwide!
el patro,

I'll put you over on my disorganized blog roll as well, what happened to the skull x-ray picture?

I couldn't just give you a pimp outfit, you had to have an entire catalog of pimp resources.
No one seemed to figure out what it was. It was an x-ray of Homer Simpson's head. Want me to change it back, now that people actually KNOW what it is?
El Patro,

It's more interesting to throw in a comment about something people can't see. If you changed back we would have to comment about this one.
Ah come on R.W., you loved the sombreros and you know it. I'll bet you switched them out didn't you. Dreamer!

I'll take the little one, I'm into "partial" exposure and you're into avoiding it whenever possible.

Thanks Nicole.

Well I do have a small nose and a....
Ohh...Lobster and king crab legs? Good times..Now I'm hungry again.
Then again it might be just the knockoff twinkies...
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