Monday, March 13, 2006

The diversity police have invaded Portland

Couldn't they have used a one-if-by-land two-if-by-sea system to keep the statue police at bay?

The story doesn't have a picture of the statue, but it was pictured on Special Report with Brit Hume tonight. It looked like an All-American family outing to the ballpark to me. Besides, they all looked bronze.

The committee is mired in a national trend of fierce public debate about community art after members expressed concern that the statues would be too large, display the team logo and fail to reflect Portland's diversity, both in its people and its artwork.

York finds himself at odds with 87 percent of people who had participated in an online survey on by Friday afternoon and deemed the statues "appropriate." Many readers also logged online comments saying that the city should accept Burke's gift in the generous spirit it was given.

That kind of thinking pushes York to consider some pretty extreme possibilities.

"From what they say, we should have to accept a statue of Ronald McDonald as public art," York said. "I could give the city a huge swastika. Should the city accept it if it's given graciously? Some people think so, apparently."

Ah yes, it's the diversity thing. Portland has an arts event called First Friday Arts Walk. Their web site has an extremely random slide show on it's main page. Very diverse.

It wouldn't be the first time that political correctness got in the way of a fitting tribute.

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