Friday, March 17, 2006

If wishes and buts were candy and nuts.....

One of my favorite times of year is when baseball teams are winding down Spring training getting ready to head north for various opening days. Every team and their fans are full of wild eyed optimism and with good reason. The games are soon going to count and everybody has an equal chance. I bet right about now some of my readers are thinking, "did this bonehead link the wrong article again?", the answer would be a resounding NO.

You see the Spring is also the time when wild eyed Democrats are touting their opinion polls and sending out their assorted messengers with tales of a better way. We all know that as Spring turns to Summer the real work starts and many of the teams have begun to fade. Maybe they don't have enough pitchers on a baseball club or in a politicians case they have finally had to tell you what they really plan to do.

By Fall the teams still in the hunt are feeling the comfort level of a Danish cartoonist in a Mosque and their every move is being second guessed. In late October we crown a World Series champion. A few days later we have our elections, then as Fall fades into Winter we hear the mournful wailing of Democrats and baseball fans saying, "Just wait 'till next year!"

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