Thursday, March 09, 2006

The left once again shows their love of a free exchange of ideas.

In the audience a contingent of about 20 students, led by three faculty members, including the Professor Diane Nelson, the Director of Undergraduate studies sat themselves near the front of the auditorium. They were all wearing matching T-shirts reading, “Why didn't I make the list?” on the front, and on the back, “Intimidation, blacklisting, litmus testing, narcing on professors = academic freedom?” They sat as they thought: in one bloc.

Horowitz began his speech, by holding up his 450 page-112,000 word book and saying "I have in my hand here a book. Take a look. It's a book, not a list." But within moments, the disruptions began. “Whole departments at Duke are no longer scholarly enterprises," he said. "They have been transformed into political parties, whose message is that America is the Great Satan.” On cue, the group of T-shirted protesters burst into loud orchestrated giggles. These continued at pointed moments throughout the speech as, for example, when Horowitz pointed out that professors at Duke make over $100,000 a year, work five hours a week in class, have four month paid vacations and lifetime jobs -- all at the expense of Duke students who pay $43,000 a year for the privilege.

It's really sad that so many on the left feel the need to silence any opposing views. We are being told constantly that they are the ones with the great ideas. Why not ask for equal time and present these wonderful ideas? Why not cover the event and write an article for your local or student newspaper? The actions of the STFD and STFU crowd sure make it hard to take them seriously. It seems to me that honest liberals would be the ones working hardest to stop this so that they could present their alternative arguments. I know they exist, maybe just in numbers far less than you would expect.

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