Thursday, March 23, 2006

Liberals decree that "A man's home is his castle"... odd is that? I don't really disagree with the majority in this case, but their reasoning is at the very least baffling. In the humble opinion of lower court "judge" RW-(the original) co-equal rights should exist so if the parties are split in their consent the government has to back off. The laughable doctrine of "a mans home is his castle" to decide this case is classic.

Can you imagine the outrage if the conservative wing of the court had said you must defer to the man's wishes? I am a man and a conservative, but this one has me grabbing my sides laughing.

ML's blog broke I figured I'd find people/bloggers (yep, some of you may or may not be people) here. But all is quiet in this front too.

I'm sure Justice Souter, in writing "a man's home is his castle" was expressing himself metaphorically.

He is an egghead liberal, after all!!

But I get your point. (snicker)

BTW, do you ever read your yahoo mail?

Maybe it was that scorching debate over rock music and politics that zapped the AJC servers?
Goodness! It seems that several hours worth of posts on ml's blog have vanished!

I detect a vast right wing conspiracy!!!

Souter may have also been thinking about the attempt to use his property to build the Lost Liberty Hotel.

And no I never read the Yahoo mail.
OK I went to my yahoo mail and there was nothing there so I have been right not to look at it.
Yeah, I complained about the lack of 'my type' of artists on the list this morning.

I got an E-mail from Naftal Jahannes, Internet Customer Care Representative for the AJC (I'm not even going to up the outsourcing question) yesterday and maybe they are fixing the comment lag. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking and the constant battle between Good and Evil was too much for the server to take and it finally died.

When blogger outperforms you it should be embarrassing. The AJC blog group is pitiful.

I think it started going haywire when you got lumped in with Andy, Danish, and me the other day.
LOL...I think you just solved the mystery of the crappy AJC server. I hope it suffers the same wrath as that of Blogger's without the poem though.

The problem is the crazies get impatient the longer ML's blog is down. Last time it took nearly 3 days for someone to post something without 45 people hijacking their name or falling into Bush is the Devil-Bush is God rant.

You better get ready with the 'Open' Thread if that happens.
That blog can't handle AC/DC.

Turned out I sent my missive to the wrong address. No worries! Point, retype, click... sayonara! And it's not a nastygram, either. You're too good for that.

It's good that you have a backup here. We can divine the important stuff. Like whether AC/DC is a product of the Ford or Carter regime.

If RE was right about 1973 then I think we determined AC/DC goes in the Nixon column. Although that's just about when the trouble started.
I've put up an open thread along with a few clues as to what happened to ml's place.

I know that you can delete entire posts using that handy little garbage can, but can you edit them once they are posted?

There is a spelling error in your home page comments on the Castle post that is bugging me, and since ML's blog is down and I have nothing to do, I thought that I would address it. It can be a little game where you find the incorrect word before someone else does.

Speaking of games, I never did get the clue as to why you thought that Chuckles was the individual who posted as Tu est un imbecil.
Buy Danish,

I sent RW an email about the Castle post earlier today. Actually, two. The first had the wrong address. No big deal!

If there's a way to edit stuff after it's posted here, I haven't found it.
Buy Danish,

I'll say you're bored. If it's in a comment it can't be edited, it could be deleted and reposted. If it's on the post itself I can edit it.

Give me a better clue and I'll give you a JJG/TEUI clue.
I can't for the life of me figure out what you guys are talking about. But I defer to the better judgments of you both.

(for future reference, a quick public flogging could allow an error to be fixed and the flogging deleted, thus solving the problem in a much more expeditious fashion. And thank you for caring!)
Buy Danish,

here and here

[] and []

I beg to differ on flogging, but you were brilliant to catch Chuckles le clown!
Buy Danish,

I can't imagine that I actually wrote it that way, of course it was late. I probably reversed a letter (like dfeer) or something and my spell checker switched it to "differ".

One day I'll get around to proofreading or making sure I used the right link etc. Hell I may even step up and get a real blog one day!

I figured that since you were nice enough to point out that I had screwed up "Big Bad Elephant", that you cared about certain errors, and might not want them to go into your archives ...and your legacy!
Buy Danish,

You are correct in that. I definitely want errors pointed out and I don't mind in the least if it's quick and public.

(Although you are one of the very few that know how to do it quickly in private)

In the future I promise to use a different mode of communication!
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