Friday, March 24, 2006

Matt and Trey take the high road

And they never mentioned Scientology once.

One of the obscenely funny episodes of "South Park" ever.

More wild applause.
Oh this is great. I'm SO glad they clowned Isaac for his blatantly hypocritical behavior. He deserves it!

I'm sure this will be the most TiVo'd episode of South Park in HISTORY.

Related news: I'm shocked that this story has become so huge that the NYTimes is covering it. Who'da thunk?

I think the way they did the show proves that they really liked Isaac. The mountain lion and the grizzly bear were a little much though.
They told Letterman they thought Hayes would quit over the Scientology episode and he did. Tom in the closet is a classic.

You can watch it here.
Did ml leave a comment here?

It sure looks like it and sounds like something he would say.
OMIGOD! I'm listening to Dean Wheeler (SP?)(some Scientology mucketymuck who is a member of the Idea Roundtable - a think tank) on the radio, and this man is evil personified.

First he starts off by saying that he had abused his wife for years, stole from her and cheated on her, and he felt terrible. Scientology did what psychotherapy could not, and now he is completely guilt free, and doesn't feel bad for what he did. "Now it is her problem".

That was just the appetizer, we then learn that Scientologists are very powerful and in addition to boycotting Viacom, they get together in "vibratory prayer", and they can wish that bad things happen to people to people who dare say anything negative about their precious religion. So, they are going to be sending out some boils and abcesses and diarrhea to Matt and Trey. Oh wait! Now he is "picturing them at the bottom of the ocean with bubbles coming up." No turning the other cheek for this venomous s.o.b., no indeedy.

I may have to change my name to "Buy Viacom", but I don't want any of the promised boils or bubbles from the deep. I could get them just for writing this. I'll let you all know about the boils, but if you don't hear from me again, search the oceans.
Buy Danish,

That was just creepy, I think you need to throw out whatever you were listening on.

I'd have to throw out my car, because I was listening while running an errand.

Then I'd have to throw out my Bose stereo system.

Luckily I did't try to listen live on my computer.
Buy Danish,

You're off the hook then. The weird Scientology tracking device will probably look where your car was.

"Was" is the operative word. I hope.
Buy Danish,

"was" was! devil doll is up top looking for you if you'd like to come visit. She's really a great girl.
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