Saturday, March 25, 2006

More on Russia-much easier on the eyes than the last post

After a day like today around the blog world this is a much needed reprieve.

Then least they get to exercise.

What's up RW?

It baffles me as to why all these people called Saddam out for so many years and now they just trust that he flushed everything down the toilet when he was told to? Yea right... And if he was posturing, he still deserves the blame. If someone pulls a gun whether it is a Glock or a look alike BB gun, you still have to make a decision. And there's no doubt he had access to more than a Red Rider BB gun (you'll shoot your eye out!)

That's true and part of what Saddam was required to do was provide proof that he had destroyed everything.

The post below this one has a bunch of interesting things about Saddam's Iraq and it's probably just the tip of the iceberg.
Nike or no Nike, those girls are way overdressed...

It doesn't make any sense, the hotter it is, the more clothes they wear. Pure madness!!!

Did you notice this part?

"For the girls it has been very liberating," he said.

The girls in the main link have much better outfits.
The small part of the tapes that have been played, he clearly states that he could call up the programs at anytime and I think that was in the mid-90s. Hell, if Bush is the liar and Saddam was in the right, it appears they want to reinstate Saddam and execute Bush. Sounds about right in their mind, no?

I think what's coming out now are huge amounts of documents seized in Iraq. I think there are a few kooks that would probably go for the scenario you laid out though.
RW, that WS would probably fall into that category.

Sonia, you are absolutely correct. The clothes need to come off! Especially at the beach!
Did everybody miss the Russian lingerie models?

WS isn't that bad, I think he would only want Andy executed.
Yes, much easier on the eyes over here.

I never really thought he was that bad but the condesending tone toward many others (besides his nemesis) is becoming more apparent.

I know it's too late, but it would be funny to hear finch's "war for oil" campaign.

WS has a way of coming off as condescending when I don't think he really means to. The one that has really gotten obnoxious is N-GA.
Yep, I wouldn't be surprised if he were part of the wanker crue (I wish I could put one of those ".." things above the "e".)

Like this? wanker cruë
That Pravda link is an eye-opener.

This story was particularly enlightening.


I'll get to how the US has a vested interest in mideast political stability (oil), and why I've never subscribed to the claptrap that Bush is a "pawn for big oil" another time...

That is a very interesting article but what does this mean?

Some people, especially women may actually go off the rails because of sex problems

I think that's one of those train going into a tunnel references, but in this case the the train jumps the track and..and...No I've got nothing,,,Seneca, What the hell does that mean?

OMG, I just took up for Andy on ml's blog. I guess I am not a vivious lib.

In my case, if a woman wants to rape me, she can't rape the willing.

Also, a note for devil doll:

If I was a female, I would be a lesbian.
*off the rails*?

Maybe it means they get off the gravy train? Or that all that action from the caboose derails the train from the proverbial tracks?

I enjpyed this quote:

*Sylvia Johnson, 40, from Colorado was sentenced to 30 years in jail for organizing orgies for her son's friends involving sex, drugs and alcohol. The woman highly likely also took part in those orgies*

*Highly* - No pun intended?

I saw that and you're right in what you said. I don't understand why WS thinks he needs a bunch of cheerleaders to make his point anyway. He's usually a pretty decent guy, but I'm about two page refreshes from going off on him.

This guilt by association used to have a name liberals liked to used...maybe Seneca can help us with that name when he comes to explain the "off the rails" scenario
Buy Danish,

You have to allow for that goofy English to Russian to Esperanto to French to Russian to English translation system that Pravda uses.
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