Monday, March 27, 2006

Moussaoui must have gotten tired of the Government trying to screw up his death penalty

Remember all the stories not long ago about how the TSA lawyers had probably blown any chance of a death penalty for Zacarias Moussaoui? A star witness has testified that most likely changed all that.

Oh Shit

Sorry to curse on your blog, but still, Oh Sh*t

That should change the dynamic on the argument of whether to close the borders or not. I think your description is a good one, it's what I normally say when I see a CNN link. I had to say it twice for this one.
RW- What do you mean?
The Fox News be fair and balanced

I was kidding about saying Oh Shit whenever I saw CNN. The border debate has an odd dynamic as to whether to close or tighten the borders. For example the Wall Street Journal editorial page wants open borders.

When the dynamic changes from people to nukes I think the argument may change. I'm personally for tight border controls because I think the very first people hurt by illegal immigration are legal immigrants.
"David McIntyre, a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, told CNN that the agency disagreed with the GAO over the risk significance of the materials taken across the border, but then said he didn't know what materials were involved."

My favorite part of the article.
RW- I get what you are saying but before they start building "The Wall" maybe they should try to be competent enough to man the border check points.

The whole immigration protests and backlash has my head bouncing off the walls, not sure what to favor or not.

If they get competent people at the check points then smugglers will go where the wall isn't.

I'm getting a headache!
Ok I think needs to get their act together, drop the Moussaoui story down or put it on the headlines roll, and put the Radioactive story on the front page...They can leave the subdued Latino student one up next to it.
Does the subdued guy have a stocking mask on?
RW- No, I think that's the expression of resisting arrest while at the same time having the choke hold applied to you and slowly realizing you cannot breath. When they say on the means on the ground.
Are you sure? Look at the guy's hair.
Okay, I'm clearly lost... when I clicked the original post's link I got Sonia's blog, which is very picturesque, but isn't dealing with Moussaoui. Or border security.

Speaking of which, the smuggling 'hot' material across the border story got my attention.

But "The Big Story" on Fox this afternoon lingered on Hispanic students demonstrating in Los Angeles over immigration. The Fox reporter was great, describing crowds "totally out of control!!!" while the helicopter pics showed people walking along streets. No fires, no looting, no Reginald Denny style beatings...

I wonder what description that reporter will use if there's real street violence?

Like the kind that could erupt tonight at southern California's University of Judaism. A little birdie tells me that Anne Coulter and Al Franken meet this evening in Los Angeles. Bel-Air to be exact.

The riot troops that were on standby for today' threatened Mexican Madness have been re-deployed.

Thanks! One of these days I will actually check something that I post. I give if I screw up the link it could have been a lot worse than sending you to Sonia's. It's fixed now.
Seneca- Oh Please someone have a camera and tape this discussion....Please!
"give" should be "guess" and I second DavidU. Please have this on video.

The link to the UJ lecture series says the Anne-Al lovefest is co-sponsored by a public radio station... it also quotes a stiff price for tickets. I've been searching for a link that might air it live, but haven't found a thing...

This is a serious albeit trivial question. Do you put the "e" on the end of Ann's name for any special reason?

Anne is my Mom's name.. with the e. I guess it's just habit. Thanks! You know how I strive for accuracy!!

Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter.

Speaking of Ann... I was looking for info on her faceoff with Stuart Smalley. I found an article about her recent appearance at Indiana University which includes the most unflattering photo of her that I've ever seen.

My daughter's middle name is Anne so I figured if it was me it would be force of habit. I'm glad it wasn't some strange slur I didn't know about.

If you do an image search on google (with safe search off) there is a very interesting picture of Ann on an alternate cover of the book Treason.

WHOA! I know why you didn't post a link to that cover.

I think Ann's a strikingly good looking woman, so I think the Bedford (Indiana) Times-Mail photog who took that (G rated) shot just might have an agenda...

Meanwhile, here's an article about an Ann-Al meeting 2 years ago. It's allegedly from the Hartford (Ct.) Courant via some Frankin fan site.

I'm sure they were both paid handsomely.

Hmm. An Ann-Al meeting. Not an Al-Ann meeting. Which might be confused with an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Yup. One drives you to drink, while the other...

Ann al-Meeting would be worse I guess. Wouldn't that be Islamic for Ann from Meeting?
Al Franken says the political figure he'd most like to be is Hitler and the crowd roars with laughter????

Strange group.
Strange guy.

If I were to start a radio service to compete with EIB & Co, I would not hadline it with Al Franken. I never thought he was that funny, even during his Franken and Davis skits on SNL in the 70s.

I've never seen the humor in Franken either. The one I really don't get is Bill Maher, I've never seen a single funny thing that guy has done.

Jon Stewart, on the other hand, can have me rolling. Maybe it's the hate factor not showing through.

Your link came in handy at Newsbusters.

How strange is it that you gave me that link and Andy gave me the original story on the thread below?
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