Monday, March 06, 2006

New Jersey lawmaker wants to wipe out internet anonymity

I posted this over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and hoped to start a discussion over this and other laws that may have unintended consequences. What made it somewhat pertinent over there is that the Mike Luckovich blog site is not only anonymous it also doesn't provide any screen name protection and there are rampant problems lately with nic-jacking. Now I am dead set against this New Jersey law and I really don't care if the Atlanta newspaper has so little regard for their readers that they will allow this to continue, but as soon as I posted this the childish games started right up again.

I am interested in your thoughts of various laws that have been put forth with what always sounds like the best of intentions and soon prove to be a boondoggle.

For bonus points can anyone tell me why we almost always modify bad laws instead of repealing them?

**UPDATE** Peter J. Biondi is a Republican so in New Jersey his proposal shouldn't have much chance.

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