Friday, March 24, 2006

Olbermann unearths another nefarious White House plot

Would someone please tell me what this guys role is supposed to be? I'm serious damn it! Is he supposed to be a news man, a tin foil hat model, or perhaps someone called upon to be so outrageous that maybe somebody will try to find MSNBC?

I yield to my "progressive" readers, why does this guy have a broadcast job? Didn't the original Dr. Phil have better ratings?

There's more, this moonbat appears to have a serious case of BDS.

I can't say I watch Olberman but I'm guessing he and his producers are succeeding, since he is getting all this internet press.

I used to watch him on ESPN, so I can't get myself to take him seriously as a journalist so I always think his show is a spoof. If I want spoof news show I go to the King, So I watch John Stewart.

I think he's really only getting a lot of internet press on sites that analyze the media.

I agree with you on The Daily Show, no one should get their fake news from any other source.
Do you think that Olberman thinks that the White House got a hold of the email because they are nefariously reading everyone's emails, and spying on Americans?
Buy Danish,

Good point, I just thought he figured they had it sitting in Karl Rove's attack box waiting for the perfect time to spring it. (I have no clue why Olberman thinks this was the right time.)

Best of the Web has a funny bit about the out of control ABC dude. (fourth item)
Olbermann (it's 2 n's, by the way) has a very entertaining show. His "Oddball" and quotes of the day features can be damn funny. Almost as funny as Stewart or Colbert. His interviews with regulars Dana Milbank, Howard Fineman, David Brick, Michael Musto, etc. can be off the wall. And his grudge match with Bill O'Reilly is so juvenile you have to laugh. Sure, he has an agenda. At least he doesn't hide it.

But sometimes he takes himself too frigging seriously. I can't fathom his picking on Barbara Bush.

Rumors aside, Olbermann and Coulter did not have a torrid affair when they were undergrads at Cornell. He was class of '79. She was '84.
Cornell huh...That place is starting to explain a whole bunch of things.

I gave him his extra "n", thanks.
That email was from 2004? I thought it was from last week's press conference. I missed an important detail! No wonder I didn't get what the big deal was.

Now I get the Karl Rove kept it on his desk theory.
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