Thursday, March 23, 2006

Open Thread-For those that like the sanctity of topics

The AJC Luckovich blog has decided to allow their server maintenance to be a class project.

To return to the seminal issue being discussed on ml's blog...

According to this book, which I have in hand, brothers Angus and Malcolm Young first played as AC/DC at a bar in Melbourne on "New Year's Eve, 1973". But after going through some mediocre singers, they took on Bon Scott, who had been working as a roadie/driver for the band, as a singer in September 1974.

So they're a Nixon/Ford band. Still unanswered? Why Carter had the CIA terminate Bon on February 19, 1980.
I saw AC/DC at the fox theater. One of the best shows I have witnessed from the front row except the walls were shaking, the earth was quaking and I thought the place was crumbling down.
mmmm...before my time.

Gwen Stefani is before your time, isn't she?
RW- Some days I wish I was......Some Days I wish I was.
and by "Some days I wish I was" I mean "Some days I wish IT was"

Time to go home.
I had the dubious pleasure of getting drunk with Bon (and a bunch of others) before an AC/DC concert outside Chicago in 1979. I was amazed that anyone could drink so much. Even more amazed when he hit the stage and the band rocked the house down. God, were they good!

I was not surprised when he died 7 months later.
Hello, what is youre fa vor ite color? Me, I like Green and Blue.
Since I don't see a date here, that not pertaining to you guys, it's Saturday and I am hoping to let loose with a "When Harry Met Sally" moment in the diner. Have you been looking in next door. LS&L & Washington State.

Are you trolling for a date over here? DavidU and I were just talking about that on the WMD post.
Well that just sucked. Why do people take things so personally? I guess it's my "Napkin Notes" inspiration. Maybe I should recommend it to WS.

The only thing I won't tolerate is blatant condescention. I'll gut you on that one. I don't see condescention in LS&L. He's direct!! Abrasive, but direct. I'm O.K. with that approach.

What is the WMD post?
BTW Finch, you really should have kept your nose out of it. How's that for "direct"?

It's this one, funny you should mention that finch should have stayed out of it. Great minds!
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