Friday, March 17, 2006

Operation Swarmer and The Gangs of Baghdad

Another excellent article by Ralph Peters. I have already seen several comments from the left, on various blogs, saying essentially that if we were accomplishing anything in Iraq there would be no need for this operation. As usual the truth is about 180 degrees away, we are able to do this because our ground assets are getting that much better.

As this column's written, U.S. and Iraqi forces have embarked on a major air and ground operation near Samarra, Operation Swarmer. It's a classic air assault designed to catch the enemy off-balance. I can tell you that the operation's been very carefully planned.

You'll hear reflexive complaints that the need for a new offensive suggests some sort of failure, but the contrary is true. This current strike has been enabled by a dramatic increase in tip-offs from Iraqis sick of the killers in their midst, by improved U.S. intelligence operations - and by the maturing capabilities of the Iraqi military.

The Iraqis want the gangs gone - and they're doing something about it.

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