Tuesday, March 21, 2006

President Bush's press conference transcript

Video of the full Helen Thomas exchange courtesy of Expose the Left.

Of course I had to excerpt the Hideous Helen Thomas questioning. How the President remains as polite to these people as he does is a never ending source of amazement for me.

Text of the Helen Thomas exchange with President Bush.


Wolf Blitzer schmoozefest with Helen Thomas after the presser. Too bad almost nobody saw it.

Brit Hume aka 'the Crypt Keeper' actually semi defended Thomas' style of questioning and her fervor on Fox News today. Saying she has always berated presidents like she did with Bush today, specially with issues that really hit home to her.

But it was actually interesting to see Bush get heated in his response, maybe the pressure is getting to him? Hume actually talked about Bush caring about his poll numbers. Crypt Keeper actually had some good insight. He still scares me with his gaze, but had to give it to him for making sense.

Interesting observation of yours with respect to his answer to Helen. I didn't think he was heated at all with her, unless you mean stopping her from constantly interrupting.

He got a little heated with someone else on a "pull the troops now" question.

"the Crypt Keeper" is too funny. Special Report is one of my favorite news shows, I guess in a few minutes I'll find out if I can watch without laughing.
RW - Not heated as in "Why do you question me woman! Feel my wrath!" but more in a "Here we go again....every single dang time I get out here...How many times do I have to tell you, no we did not go to war for Oil. Now stop asking that damn question or I'll Get Cheney out here with his shotgun....Next Question!"

I just added the video and this time the whole exchange is there. Normally President Bush doesn't take questions from Helen Thomas because she isn't a reporter any more. I think today was one of those times where he really wanted an over the top question and knew Helen wouldn't disappoint.

Ari Fleischer used to do that all the time and was always able to paint her as the face of all reporters. With McClellan it's David Gregory.
RW - The beginning is just classic comedy (I had not seen this part, before she starts he question). They are all cordial with each other and then wham! the gloves come off. But what really pushes this to the elite level is how they ended it. Thanking each other about how well their discussion had transpired and realizing that it will be on a constant loop on all the news shows for the next 3 days. Amazing.
I like the "Crypt Keeper", although I've never heard that nickname. He's light years smarter than Bill "loofah" O'Reilly, and has a sense of humor to boot. And furthermore...

The steady creep to the top for Brit Hume's nightly Special Report on Fox--not just the No.1 Washington-originated cable show but also the fourth in all basic cable at 6 p.m.--has the host eyeing the next victim. "We've been having a series of meetings here about how we can beat Nickelodeon," he says. "We just hope that they don't put SpongeBob SquarePants up against us."

A spellbound nation is transfixed!

President Bush handled himself well this morning. He should get out more often.
I'm not sure what is worse...the 10 minute delay.....or the white screen you get once you post locking you out.

I am talking about ML's blog, by the way.

The white screen is a pain, but it's kind of funny to see how many times a post gets repeated.

I am glad you put in W. C.Fields good line. Needed a laugh after watching the president's news meeting, seeing Luckovich's lousy cartoon and reading Helen Thomas' off-truth comments. What a sorry crowd of blood hounds.

We don't need a new administration. We need a complete new set of "journalists". Maybe some real ones for change.

I thought President Bush did real well today and I wasn't kidding about thinking he called on Helen on purpose. I wish he would get out in more townhall type situations where he is so much better than in front of a teleprompter.
Oh, RW, I thought the president came across as honest and sincere. He gave good answers.

That was not what that crowd wanted. They reminded me of a group of gossip-mongers, eager for scraps they could use. Maybe they will find some triviality they can print for headlines.

They've already done that. Someone asked when we would be completely out of Iraq, trying to get him to set a time line. When President Bush answered that that would up to future Presidents it was off to the races.

Tomorrow you will see a story in every major newspaper in the country talking about this as if it has some news value. If he had said anytime within his administration he would have set the time line they are all harping on and he didn't mean we would have 130,000 troops there when he leaves office.

He tried to clarify it by stressing that the Generals on the ground will set the troop requirements, but the "reporters" were already writing their stories by then.
Helen has not been called on for three years. She "seized the moment".

Helen gets called on all the time in daily briefings and she shouldn't. She isn't a reporter anymore she's a columnist.

I would say that Helen Thomas had a "seizure".
Playing devil's advocate here...

President Bush acknowledged that there might be a handful of Americans in uniform stationed in Iraq when he leaves office.

So what? That's not a story. He continues to refuse to be cornered on a timetable, and as much as I criticize the original invasion, and with apologies to John Murtha, that's exactly how he should be positioning this.
RW- Thanks for the Blitzer link. She pretty much sums up my view on Iraq in that interview. I'm starting to really like Helen Kamikaze Thomas (yes, I gave her a nickname)
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