Sunday, March 05, 2006

Proving that this site will be delay free, but not DeLay free.

Some fodder for the left in their Quixotic campaign against this very fine Congressman.

SUGAR LAND, Texas — There's nothing about Republican Rep. Tom DeLay personally that math teacher Denice Shelburne doesn't like.

The Texas lawmaker attends her church, where he mingles with the congregation as an amiable neighbor. His wife, Christine, is lovely, Shelburne said, and DeLay's 22nd District abounds with evidence of his good works. "I just think he's a wonderful person," she said.

But as DeLay's legal problems have multiplied in recent months, even his supporters are having second thoughts about the 11-term congressman. With a rare four-way Republican primary set for Tuesday, Shelburne didn't know how she would vote.

OK, I know how good I felt about South Dakota taking down Tom Daschle so I guess it's possible. My money is on the bug man.

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