Sunday, March 19, 2006

Richard Belzer aka Disgusting Bastard

I'm not sure how reading twenty newspapers a day makes one an authority since most of the stories are the exact same ones, but read what this scumbag had to say. The video is there as well. Suffice it to say that when are arguing from the left and Bill Maher says you've gone over the line, you have.

This sucker refused to load for me.

Yeah, you caught me. I was reading your blog again...

Back to that name again huh. What happened to Nicole?
Ros-Lehtinen didn't even mention her husband Dexter's military service. Class meets crass...

As an aside, I see from the thread that there is another "BD" complaining about an idiot poster who doesn't use paragraphs to separate his "thoughts".

What is it about the run-on- sentence, no paragraph, loony Left? Could their writing, such as it is, mirror their undisciplined and disjointed thinking, or is uit a symptom of a more serious psychological disorder?
Buy Danish,

Many of the ones that think of themselves as uber-intellectual do seem to have that in common. Most of the rest talk in sound bites.

It seems I ran off the English Professor just by handing him a bucket of punctuation marks today.

After you unloaded punctuation on him, I wonder if he went to brush up on Christianity 101. He keeps telling me to "read a book once in awhile" - maybe he is reading one himself.

Or maybe the beer finally wore off, and the hangover took over.
Buy Danish,

He might be brushing up on individual sura's or maybe he has Belzer's reading list. Somebody in the comments at NB started a list of potential publications.

I saw that reading list, but what's a "sura"?

Tell me tomorrow. I'm off to bed.
Buy Danish,

The chapters in the Koran are suras.

I think I got it. It was hard to read with that ad flashing away like an out of control strobe light.

We could that ad to torture our enemies, or just use it as a link for annoying bloggers (and probable sura experts) like socialist dick.

Come to think of it, all that bravado about beer drinking and prize fights may have come from an al qaeda instruction manual on how to "blend" in.

Next time he logs in I'll say something disparaging about muslims and see what happens.
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