Monday, March 20, 2006


In today's Nealz Nuze, Neal Boortz brings us another example of the tolerance displayed by the Religion of Peace (my a$$) or ROPMA.

Just days after 9/11, President Bush went down to a local mosque in Washington D.C,. took off his shoes, met with officials and then held a press conference. Upon taking to the podium, Mr. Bush declared that "Islam is peace." And it's been down hill ever since.

Take your pick...Muslims rioting in France...Muslims rioting all over the world, over a cartoon. Muslims shooting kids in the back in Beslan, Russia. Muslims taking hostages in Iraq and sawing their heads off. PR-wise, it hasn't been a good couple of years for the followers of Allah.

So now we have yet another example of just how peaceful and tolerate the Islamic religion is. Afghanistan, a country which we liberated, still practices Islamic law. Right now a man faces death there for committing a heinous crime. Did he kill somebody? Nope. Steal somebody's goat? Nope. What could he possibly have done to deserve the penalty of death?

While on the topic of religious tolerance watch the South Park Scientology episode.

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