Sunday, March 26, 2006 covers the freedom of speech rally in London

And of course they were serving...

On a serious note:

Forget the Danishes, who's the girl in the last picture with the mike.

These are the things that should be investigated and reported. Priorities people...priorities

She's a reporter and I say we do everything we can to hire her.

Maybe we can take up a collection and make her the investigative journalist for this site. Muy caliente!!
RW- According to the comments on the page she's from Texas, likes long walks on the beach and adores guys named David (well I may have made up two of those)

I'm putting for a transfer to Texas on Monday, I'll try to convince her to report for the "RW Times" (?), but cannot guarantee anything.
This is democracy in action right here. The masses (me) demand the damsel, and the establishment (RW) hears and understands our plight. And thus: We have the damsel.

The post looked like it had a bare spot so I added "Tex" to the main page. Is transferring to Texas going to help if she's roaming around in Europe?
Some demands are just a little too easy to accommodate.
Not to mention you left part of the Texas reporter story out:

The in the bottom picture was from the University of London and hails from Texas. She was spectacularly good looking from the rear too I might add.
RW- I'm too busy packing to listen to your so called 'reasoning'.

I probably need to buy myself a Texas cowboy hat to make a good impression...actually with the whole Brokeback Mountain thing, I'll just pass on the cowboy hat.
RW- I was trying to keep that information to myself, getalife I heard is in Louisiana so he has a three state head start on me to Texas.

I know this packing is getting in your way, but I repeat..SHE IS IN are much closer than getalife and you have an International airport at your disposal.
RW- The key to eternal happiness is to win over the Hispanic mother, who I'm hoping is in Texas.

Besides the semester studying abroad ends in April. ;)

I'm thinking long term here!

You've got this thing planned out quite well. Maybe someday you will even know her name. I didn't see anything about April either, BTW.
Looks like that guy with the Danish sign is scoping her out.

Very nice.

I'd like to know what the guy with the "Free to offend" sign is looking at.
The only reason to be looking over there is if She is over there. Otherwise Shame on him, Shame on him.
Maybe he was scared she was getting away.
If you scroll down the photo link from the original story, I think I've spotted N-GA. He's wearing a Superman suit, and carrying a sign which features a mask of Tony Blair with a NAZI symbol.

Anyone know what "F F" stands for? It's shaved into his head.

Freaking Fascist?
I came back since you claimed that DavidU commented on the post above the one I commented on. Lo and behold, there he is!

Now lemme go take a look at this reporter broad you guys are so enamored of. Hold on...

Okay, I could be wrong but tweed capris and knee-high stiletto boots don't really qualify for proper journalist attire. My guess is that she was already standing on the corner when some RESPECTABLE reporter happened to drop their microphone. ;)
I take it back: she's wearing stiletto PUMPS, not stiletto BOOTS.

Pumps are much easier to remove when running from the po-po...

See ;-) Now would you explain to DavidU that he is going to have a tough time roaming through to Texas to find this girls mom when he doesn't even know her name.

Maybe we should introduce him to Mandy aka anywherebutTX.
RW- Finding the mom is easy. I'll go on Univision (all Latinas over 40 are obligated by law to watch that channel ) with the picture asking for information on her family. Wait about 20 minutes for the phone call to the TV station from the mom, and bingo. We are in!

Nicole- Hey! As long as they are high heels that's all that I care ;)

That does sound easy. Now Mom only has to be over 40 and in Texas.
RW- You have a point...

But where there is a will there is a way. Forget the News I will go on Sabado Gigante to find the queen bee.

Nicole- I think her outfit is from the Sean John aka P Diddy corporate fashion line. A little street but still Wall street.
Where the hell can I get a t-shirt like the one that guy in the first two pictures has on?!?!?!
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