Monday, March 20, 2006

Senator Durbin unveils President Bush's plan in Iraq.

Well when Chris Wallace put him on the spot he had to come up with something.

Wallace then pressed Durbin to explain the Democrats' plan for Iraq. Anyone who still maintains the Democrats have a plan after witnessing their utter failure to produce anything remotely resembling one for the past three years ought to read this Fox News transcript.

Durbin first tried to pass off the question by offering only criticism of President Bush. Commendably, Wallace would have nothing of it, saying, "Well, that's criticism, sir. What is your plan?"

Durbin, after promising to "be very specific," proceeded to offer an embarrassingly vague three-point "plan." He said Democrats support the "bipartisan" Senate approach to: 1) establish 2006 as "a year of transition, where the Iraqis take control of their own security and defense;" 2) put Iraqis on notice that "they have to form a government that embraces all of the factions within Iraq so that we can see finally a government of unity leading to some sort of progress for the people of Iraq;" 3) demand accountability from President Bush, by making him report our progress in Iraq every three months.

With respect, this tripe wouldn't be taken seriously in a high-school debate. The third point cannot reasonably be considered part of a plan at all; merely a reporting requirement. And, President Bush is already trying to accomplish the first two points, but they are broad goals, not specific elements of a strategic plan.

As for point one, everyone knows the administration has been trying feverishly to train Iraqi security forces to take over the primary role of defending Iraq. But neither Durbin nor any other Democrats offered specifics to expedite the transition because even they know it is a matter for the generals to handle, not officious, micromanaging politicians.

Expose the Left has video of the introduction to Durbin's appearance with Wallace here. Unfortunately the video doesn't take you through the smack down.

Nice! Way to really bring it Senator Durbin.

He probably was taken by surprise by that question. How could he have possibly known that he would be asked 'the' Iraq question, I mean....a total shock!

That was awfully unfair of Wallace to bring up Iraq. I'm sure Durbin thought he was there to talk about St. Patrick's Day.
RW - Unfair....exactly. Durbin thought he was there to talk about how he had picked both Bradley and George Mason to make it to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAAs. And then this Wallace guy out of nowhere starts talking politics. Durbin was all like: "What about Wichita St?"
He then thought he remembered how Kerry had said something about a three step plan for Iraq over a game of poker, and he went with that. Rookie mistake really, since we all know that Kerry still has not decided if he does or does not have a plan for Iraq, he's just not sure.
Japan 6
Cuba 1

5th inning.

Democracy rolling so far.

Castro bad.

Cigars good
Cripes!!! I thought I was the only person in America watching this game.

Go Japan
RW- You are slipping here, I was expecting a video of when he discusses his 3 point plan...I mean 2 point and a half plan for Iraq. I demand better coverage from this blog, heck I expect it.

He was doing so well at the beginning (the video clip) and then the wheels came off and he ended up in a ditch somewhere (how to get the mess in Iraq cleaned up without just leaving).

That'll teach me the pitfalls of putting up Ian's video without watching it first. I guess I'll modify the post.
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