Friday, March 31, 2006

The Tale of the Foamy

and how this epic tale came into existence. I have it on good authority that this will become a new series in literary genius.

...More Cow Bell Baby twoshoes..

If that's a new "furious five" title suggestion I'll pass it on to Nicole.
lets go. is it still going?

here is my submission:

finch likes war for oil!

You'll have to save that for the next time she does one. Finch, as Seneca, had some input into "The Tale of the Foamy."
I'm famous!!!
My famous five:

So, you are sticking it...
Another shout out from RW!!! Man, I might have to hire you to do PR!

Would you be up for it... ;)

Anyway, "Foamy" would have been NOTHING without you guys! And it looks like the "Furious Five" title might be out since people are lobbying (see, I used a political word) for longer entries...
Looks like MLs blog is down again -just in time for Cynthia "I am a victim" McKinney. How can the AJC complain about progress in Iraq when they can't even get a blog up and running?

Many Georgians are on Spring Break, so this may be a weekend when the bathtub crew actually have a hotel/motel hot tub to frolic in.
Buy Danish,

If they do I demand to know where so I can stay as far away as possible.
I'm safe as the only places that I'm going to this week don't have hot tubs or bath tubs.

Nothing but day trips, like to the Bell South tournament right here in GA.

Are you in danger?
I'm probably safe too. I doubt if I would happen onto the same spots as the dirty bathwater crowd.
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