Thursday, March 30, 2006

Why couldn't we have just let O.F.F. work it's magic?

Australia is and has been a staunch ally of the United States for many years, but they weren't exempt from oil-for-food scandals in Iraq. The more this goes on and the more that's uncovered I'm really starting to believe the "war for oil" crowd. They didn't want anything that was going to get in the way of their corrupt oil deals.

John Howard has promised to make ministers available to the inquiry if called.

Commissioner Terence Cole's inquiry has been criticised for taking a soft line with government employees while mauling the wheat exporter, AWB, for propping up Saddam's regime in the years before the 2003 Iraq war with kickbacks in breach of the UN's oil-for-food program.

The federal Opposition released a letter from the commission on Wednesday saying it did not have the power to make findings about whether ministers had breached their duty to protect Australia's international obligations.

The Opposition says the Howard Government deliberately "rorted" the inquiry's terms of reference to prevent proper analysis of the Government's role.

Evidence already presented to the inquiry suggests Mr Downer and Mr Vaile were warned AWB was engaged in corrupt behaviour in Iraq, but neither minister acted on those warnings. Both deny they knew of the kickbacks, saying the Government accepted AWB's assurances that it was not corrupting the UN program. But the Opposition says the Government is guilty of a cover-up, or turned a blind eye to the kickbacks, even while sending Australian troops to Iraq to topple Saddam's regime.

"Mr Downer and Mr Vaile have serious questions to answer concerning the adequacy of their response to the 27 separate warnings they received on what AWB was up to in Iraq," Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd said last night.

sorry, rw, i snuck in through the open window and sat down your couch.

Make yourself at home.

How many times do I have to tell you that tearing out the screen and breaking the latch isn't really an open window?
rw, if you got a problem with my vandalism, don't look in the bathroom - cause that ain't never gonna flush.
you might want to go to ml for a while i get out the plunger. it will all be set when you get back.
It's not the vandalism so much as the graffiti. I never know what color paint to cross it out with.
Have you seen what kind of a sewer ml's place has become? I'll just run up to Hooter's for a minute, want some wings?
i'll take 12 wings and one hooter's girl. the grafitti isn't me - it's getalife - as soon as you turn around, he's out with the gang signs - it's unreal.

ml's is a sewer. i hardly ever check it anymore. it's like a retriever running around for its tail. it's not the fun site anymore. whatever happened to buff, ricky, oo, or finch?

we used to have fun times - without politics - at least for short sessions.

mind if i put on some punk stuff? i'm watching my language tonight - aren't you proud?
Mild, medium, or hot? Oh and how do you want the wings?

I should have known getalife was doing that, he's even posting people flashing gang signs at his place.

Finch and OO are around as Seneca and @@. When getalife finishes tagging the stop sign again he'll probably drop by. Buff is hooked on internet poker and I still say you scared Ricky away.
i like my wings like my gals - hot.

i guess i'll have to start playing poker to win buff back. now that would be a poker game.

as for ricky...he said he was in iraq and talking about body armour. i said i had the body if he had the armour. it was better than andy calling him ricky retardo.
I like mine hot and naked.

Whats up devil doll?

What are these signs to speak of?
Ricky and Andy really only had one dustup, they pretty much left each other alone after that.

Buff said he's been playing on, which I think is the one that uses real money. He may have meant .net which is for fun, but he didn't say if he went by buff. We could send out a search party.
getalife, all this talk about legs and thighs his making me...well, lol.

a search party is needed for buff. i'll need a hundred bucks each from oo and buy danish.

sorry for the delay, i switched the tunes from bad brains to boxcar willie - how about that for a shift?

have i missed anything on ml? after i lost my temper last week, i figured it best not to look.

The new one that just went up is still calm.
(sniffs cautiously... smiles... takes a DEEEEEEP breath!)

It's so darn refreshing here! So civilized!!

I like my wings well cooked (deep fried for a week) and HOT! True Buffalo style.


I've added one line so far to Nicole's magnum opus. So far, it's kind of Kafkaesque, isn't it?

I didn't think you lost your cool, devil doll. And I can't imagine anyone being truly PO'ed at you there, here or anywhere!
rw, don't lead me on to ml! i just switched your stereo from boxcar willie to david allan coe. and you know there ain't a southerner alive who can't but feel the fightin' urge when "longhair redneck" is on.

i don't think andy likes me, anyways. we've gotten along in the past, but i fear he's just gettin' ready to pounce. not that i'm afraid, but i kinda like the ol' boogey man.
hey seneca, you little cutie! isn't rw's the place to chill and talk. i'll have to check out getalife's hospitality next - but rw will always be my cyber boy. lol.

Boogey man?? Maybe Earl can help. DAC works for me.


It's quite the story over there. El Patro stepped in between your addition and I've tried to salvage it.

South Park "Smug Alert" at 10:00 tonight is a great one.
How can I compete with "cyber boy"? No one is home at my place I am out partying at myspace.
rw, i know the earl, of course, many times i wished i had not been there. but what is dac?
David Allan Coe.

Are you sure you know Earl? As in "My Name is Earl"

Back to the subject of this thread, I have to give you a LOT of credit for being able to follow the Australian version of the O.F.F. scandal. I can't.

How many characters can one reasonably follow in one scandal (and this is only Australia where they don't speak Arabic):

ALEXANDER Downer, Mark Vaile, John Agius SC (Whatever that means), John Howard, Saddam's regime, Mr Rudd, Opposition Leader Kim Beazley, the Labor Party, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, AWB employees, Paul Volcker, Peter Hargreaves, AWB and DFAT (don't ask), Bassim Blazey, Brendan Stewart, Michael Thawley, Anastasia Carayanides, Alistair Nicholas, Australian embassy in Beijing. FINIS?

I think we now know how to commit the perfect $250 million dollar crime - The more the merrier, and it really helps if they sound like they popped out of an Oscar Wilde play.
Buy Danish,

With the added bonus that the Liberal Party in Australia are the conservatives.

Don't give me much credit though. I had to read twice to figure out AWB was a wheat company.
rw, i thought you meant the east atlanta restaurant and lounge (earl). i was starting to think i had seen you at a show or something.

i do like that tv show earl, however. that jamie pressly is unbelievable.

so wht is dac?

You're f'ng with me, right?

a l o
v l e
i a
d n
Could be these guys I guess
something is killing my computer. hello?
devil doll,

Don't let goooo.....
rw, save me!!!

i'm about to fall! be my sly stallone - yaaaaaggggghhhhhh!
ok, i landed on my feet. two questions before i go to bed: where is sonia? what is dca (i don't get it)?
So, irrespective of everything else anyways...

I just found out that my original hometown, Chicago, is cobbling together a new L line to better serve West Siders heading downtown and to O'Hare.

It will be called the Pink line.

Hilarity ensues.
devil doll,

Here..hang on to this while I get in position. (This would be a lot more fun if you were straight)
one more thing, rw. were you serious about giving me my own room? i was thinking about an advice column or nightspot review. what do you think? i was thinking of starting my own place. i think a lot of folks would be interested in what i think is a good show.

Sonis is here and DCA??? Why didn't you say so the first time?

If you want to start a blogspot site it's free and really couldn't be easier. I'd be happy to help.
i would hold on to it, but it's only enough for three fingers on one hand.

i'm just joshin' brother. you know if i was straight your old lady would have her hands full. i always get what i want (except for ricky, sigh). lol.

Wow, you've either got huge hands or I have a tiny foot.
Sonia and devil doll, I think I will have sweet dreams tonight.

Speaking of Chicago and colors, on one very short trip that I made there "on business" I went to one of the most fun places ever, that I think was called "The Green Mill Tavern". Or was it "The Blue Mill Tavern"? Sound familiar?

Anyway, I remember casual attire, booths, dance floor, orchestra, dancing, tv tunes...

Way cooler than Studio 54.
wow, that sonia pic is lookin' playboy - about- 1976. hello treadmill and bikini wax.

we'll have to see about the new blog site - i'll think about it.

anyways boys, it's time for this cat to go to sleep. i can barely keep my eyes open. and i got to be on the look out for you know who.

i'll see you dudes next week. rw, you're still being faithful, aren't you?
Good song: "Colour My World", Chicago.
goodnight everybody!

wow, rw, your foot is like twelve inches. bike shorts guy would be proud.

if you don't know what i'm talking about, drive down to the intersection of briarcliff and
ponce de leon.

see ya' soon.
Goodnight double d!

I wouldn't have linked to Sonia if I had looked first, sorry.
Buy Dnish,

I've heard of the Green Mill.. it's North Side, and it's supposed to be a great for live music, drinks and such. Big, too. I think it's just off the Red Line... as opposed to the Pink Line.

But I've never been there, darnit. Next time...

That's it. Mind you it's been over a decade. I took a cab and had no idea where I was, but "North Side" sounds familiar.
Hey RW!

Did you get tired of poking the student?
RW, I know those Athenites. Fun, fun, fun.

Buy Danish is right about the no humor factor and he can be a nasty mofo, but rushncap has a couple of redeeming qualities. If you get into a real debate with him he defends his position well and makes you work to defend yours, but he will admit when you have won a point and he doesn't resort to the wanker games of name jacking.

Of course when you don't really want a debate he is very easy to provoke and have some with.

NCAP has a very poor sarc radar - he's a real bummer.
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