Friday, March 31, 2006

Why would anyone think this woman should have to show ID?

11 Alive News story about today's stunt press statement. It looks like Cynthia has decided the best defense is a good offense. She is the victim here after all.

ALLAHPUNDIT guest blogging for Michelle Malkin has more coverage of poor Ms. McKinney as the white man tries to keep her down.

Cynthia McKinney is and most assuredly always will be an embarrassment, but this incident brings to light another problem that needs some consideration. Why don't Congresspeople have to go through security screening? I have no problem with them having an express line of sorts or even special entrances. I do have a problem with this scenario.

Let's say a terrorist group holds a member of Congress's family hostage until they plant a bomb inside the capitol building. This presents quite the dilemma for the member that would not even be a consideration if they had to go through a screening process.

Who the hell does McKinney's hair? Reddy Kilowatt?


That's an icky scenario... nuts holding lawmaker's family hostage. But it could happen with or without ID pins. Short of putting the families of 535 members of Congress under constant police guard, how can you stop it?

But back to poor, misunderstood Cynthia. She's so special that wearing a pin's beneath her? And so "well known" that everyone should know her on sight? Who does she think she is, Michael Jackson? Am I asking too many questions?

Don't answer that.

It's a shame ml's blog is down again. Time to call the crack AJC blog maintenence crew back from Spring break.
Is it just me, or does she look like Buckwheat with that hairdo, and the surprised expression on her face?

The little rascal!

I don't want to hear any more complaints about Iraq being a hopeless quagmire until MLs blog is permanently fixed.

I'm not talking about ID, I'm talking about the now well publicized fact that they don't have to go through any security.

Right. No security. Getting waved around the checkpoint. Maybe I'm missing a possibility, but the only way this 'no security' is a plausible threat to me is if you force a lawmaker (Cynthia?) to carry in a bomb or a gun (bypassing security), which they stash somewhere, and leave.

But overall, I don't see anything wrong with the ID pin system, as long as holders don't use it to let other people bypass security. If you can't trust a member of Congress (even Cynthia), then the terrorists have won.

Just wear the damn pin, and if you don't, expect to be treated like everyone else.

Buy Danish,

I could try to avoid mentioning Iraq and quagmire in the same sentence until ml's blog is fixed, but it would be tough. And I don't think I've ever used the word 'quagmire'... but I do get your drift, ma'am!

Tally ho!

You aren't being very creative tonight. I'm glad we aren't counting on you to write some action thriller.

See in my hopefully fictitious scenario the terrorists are holding the family of Congressman X hostage so that the bomb may be planted. If Congressman X goes to the authorities or refuses the family is toast. If they plant the bomb they are allowed to leave and get their family back when whatever nefarious thing the terrorists want to happen happens. (In real life the family gets it anyway)

So Congressman X plants the bomb and double crosses the terrorists by reporting back, but only after secretly notifying a Jack Bauer type that will defuse the bomb and save the family all the while killing off the terrorists.

Now as unlikely as that is, it wouldn't even be possible if you made Congressman X go through a freakin' security screening!!!!
Good Lord, Is that your congresswoman?


Security, we have a runner!

She was before. The year she lost was also when they redrew the lines so I'm not in her district now, but they've changed the lines again so the next election I will probably get her back again.

Just when you thought she was out, they bring her back in.

I feel your pain.

That's just the point. In real life, the Congressperson exposes the plot, and hopes his/her family survives when Jack Ryan and a team of commandoes, directed by James Cameron or Ridley Scott, storm in. But they probably won't. Everybody knows that.

In real life, the Congressperson will not sneak the bomb in, period. See above; re: almost certain fate of family no matter what.

To me, it's a matter of principle. We think our Congresspeople have already been given security clearances by the voters. They are special. It's showing the world, symbolically, that for an extremely select group of people, selected BY the people, you are trusted when you've earned it.

But that's just me.
RW - You are a whistleblower! That's the basic plot line for Die Hard 4. What most don't yet know is that McKinney was just doing a realistic run through of the plot for the studio acting the part of Bruce Willis aka John McClane.

This will all come out in the coming weeks on The Onion and the Daily Show. They have the exclusive rights to this upcoming breaking story.

You just wait all the Republicans in Congress won't be laughing when Buckwheat.....ummm....I mean McKinney is vindicated..

I have revolting recollections of McKinney making outrageouts claims about 9/11, and they they helped defeat her in 2002. Was I imagining things?

No, I wasn't

Please, God. Don't let her be re-elected. Seriously, how good are her chances?

What about our supposed image that we are all equal in the eyes of the law?

I refuse to put these people on a pedestal. Jeez, what is it we've been hearing about President Bush supposedly placing himself above the law. We elected him PRESIDENT, not some congressman in a gerrymandered district. Besides it's not like congress people in either party have such a sterling track record.

How the hell are we qualified to vote someone a security clearance anyway? We're still falling for Nigerian money laundering schemes.

Is there really a Jack Ryan crime fighter or was that the dude that was going to run for Senate in Illinois?
ml just scribbled a new toon just for you.

Do you think I can sued by the Onion for that. That would be too cool!


The only way she got beat before was that Denise Majette seemed much more normal and a bunch of Republicans crossed over in the primary.

The only way she will lose is the same way. It has to happen in the primary and this episode will help her in that district.

That is really pathetic that Cynthia's run in would be a campaign plus.

Is this a great country, or what?

Giving members of Congress personal security clearances is a minor perk, a minimal security threat, and allows Capitol Police to look for real terrorists. I guess you're just more egalitarian than I am, because I don't have a problem with 535 men and women being treated a little differently than me. Yes, even Cynthia.

Are you saying this is a political stunt to get Cynthia reelected?

Where is Mike's thank you?

If ml's blog wasn't so freakin' slow his thank you would be there.


Would you please quit taking my doomsday scenario so seriously. See DavidU's comment and take as a Hollywood script.

I can't believe you would stoop to using words like "egalitarian" on someone with a fourth grade education. I don't care what that word means I think people should be treated equally!

I thought those tricks were for the English professors on the other blog.
Goodness gracious, RW. I'm pulling your leg!!!

I thought me using a snooty 50 cent word like "egalitarian" would be a dead giveaway!

The creators of HTML tags really REALLY have to work on a SARC tag. And a SMIRK tag, too.

I don't care what that word means I think people should be treated equally!

I see your HTMLSARK and raise two HTMLSNARKS
a bunch of Republicans crossed over in the primary.

Now you know what you have to do, unless you want her in Congress, to permanently embarrass the Democrats, and make them look like idiots.
Aside from the fact that "an idiot" keeps getting re-elected to Congress, the thing that irritates me the most about this woman is how she exploits her loyal followers. Initial response was one of contrition. But that was only to buy her time to see if she could round up her "poster children" and victimize them in her personal ploy. I hate that.

I don't know why, but I am surprised that Glover, Belafonte & Jesse would buy into this.

Well, maybe not Belafonte and Jesse. I guess I keep hoping that intelligence will prevail and I keep getting disappointed. Depressing!!!

Don't even get me started on re-drawing district lines. Demographics seem to rule.

I never knew that politicians didn't have to pass through. You've got a very valid point. Always thinking beyond the obvious R.W.

Sorry for the long post.
PHOTO: Rep. Cynthia McKinney,
Ric Feld --, March 29, 2006
Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., speaks during the 38th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Service at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta in this Jan. 16, 2006 file photo. Rep. McKinney and a...
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