Friday, March 31, 2006

Why would anyone think this woman should have to show ID?

11 Alive News story about today's stunt press statement. It looks like Cynthia has decided the best defense is a good offense. She is the victim here after all.

ALLAHPUNDIT guest blogging for Michelle Malkin has more coverage of poor Ms. McKinney as the white man tries to keep her down.

Cynthia McKinney is and most assuredly always will be an embarrassment, but this incident brings to light another problem that needs some consideration. Why don't Congresspeople have to go through security screening? I have no problem with them having an express line of sorts or even special entrances. I do have a problem with this scenario.

Let's say a terrorist group holds a member of Congress's family hostage until they plant a bomb inside the capitol building. This presents quite the dilemma for the member that would not even be a consideration if they had to go through a screening process.

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