Tuesday, April 04, 2006

01:02:03-04/05/06 Coming in about three hours.

Of course you could always pretend that 1:00PM counts or just wait until the year 3006.

*And the Cruise-Holmes child is due any minute*


EEEEWW. No time is the right time for this.

I could set my alarm for 1:02:03 but that's even worse than getting up in the morning. I prefer to wait until 6/06/06 rolls around, when I'll have 24 hours to choose from and I can either join the devils or shoo them away.

But I do look forward to your recounting of the 123456 experience for us - sounds awesome - I'm just too lazy!

Seriously though, my mother-in-law's birthday is 11.22.33 and her husband's prior girlfriend had the same birthday. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo?
Buy Danish,

Ann Coulter is releasing her new book on 6/06/06, so there's even more to look forward to.

My father's birthday was 11/22/33, I think this numbers post was a bad idea.

Well, it depends on how superstitious you are. I'm glad that my intuition is right once again, and I am in synch (sorta) with Ann Coulter (who was fabulous as ever on H&C tonight).

My mother-in-law is an abolute gem, so if your father was anything like her, then it could be a good thing, and it is an interesting coincidence - of sorts.
Buy Danish,

And we both had three ones in the timestamps of our last posts.....when does it end????

Can you believe it took that RFV wanker almost two hours to link his latest sex scandal? Methinks the boy is OBSESSED.
Hey, I knew about this before you did. Trust me, I DID!!!

Where you been at all day, RW? It hasn't been the same on this end. :(

I just don't know what to say about super glue/toilet seat combinations so I'm waiting for something new over there.
Is this really the best time for Sen. Santorum to bring up removing Visa (not the credit card) restriction off Poland? Could he have not waited until after the immigration debate was done? And his argument:

--Poland is a great ally
--Other lesser allies have no Visa restrictions

mmm....how long will it take for someone to say Mexico is also an ally, with even stronger ties then Poland? Someone has to bring that up right, it only makes sense? Just no one from the Democratic caucus, but some immigrant march/protest leader. What they need is a Jesse Jackson type who's not afraid to make a fool of himself but every once in a while make a valid point.

What kind of Visa restrictions do we have with Mexico?
RW- Santorum is talking about legal immigration procedures and how it takes years to be able to qualify for Visas to travel to the US. Germany and France for example are part of the waiver program which allows citizens from those countries to visit the United States as tourists without visas. Basically just a passport and a plane ticket. Getting a Visa in most countries takes tons of money, knowing the right people, and then waiting a couple of years, getting denied and trying it again until you get through.

I was just playing devils advocate with his re-introduction of the Polish Visa waiver bill, why bring it up now? and if I was part of the leadership of these protest I would be calling all 4 networks and anyone else who would pick up the phone asking how far bellow Mexico is Poland in the list of allies. Since Mexico is the one that's identified with the marches and illegal immigration.

Here's a good explanation. Makes sense to me.
David U,

Poland is 4th on the list of coalition countries assisting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mexico is not on the list at all.
BD- I have really no problem with including Poland in the list, if Andorra, San Marino, Brunei and Slovenia can be on the list, then why not Poland. I question why bring it up this week and why the leaders of the marches have not already used it to their advantage.

Well if you think Poland is a bigger ally then Mexico just because they sent soldiers to those conflicts and want to ignore the strength of Mexico as an economic ally, fine I understand. Then where is the motion for El Salvador or Mongolia to be included in the Waiver program? Like I said I was just playing devils advocate. I doubt anyone will bring it up, but when I saw it this morning (instead of working while I'm at work) I though it was interesting in a political sort of way.

Ok back to faking like I'm working while I watch my new favorite reality show, the Senate. They should really stop using "The distinguished Senator from...." and really say "The asshole who refuses to let me pass what I want to pass from..." I think they would up their Nielsen ratings that way.
And when I say Leaders of the marches, I use the term 'Leaders' very loosely. Since I have yet been able to single out a person or group that sounds sane enough to actually be able to lead (Catholic Church? Workers Union?)

Immigration reform is not only about Mexico. It is a no-brainer to let Poland in, and shouldn't be in the least bit controversial, but it does resonate as a symbol of how immigration should work.

Indeed, the whole problem started in 1965 when Ted Kennedy "reformed" it in the first place, and opened the door for all sorts of people from different "cultures" who had zero intention of assimilating to come in and makes themselves right at home.

We should be welcoming people from countries like Poland, who share our principles of liberty (and know first hand what oppression is like) and who appreciate what this country has to offer.

Instead, we've been letting in people who hate us and want to destroy us, all in the name of "muticulturalism".
BD - Well actually you can't really hate Kennedy and love the Polish, have to pick one. Kennedy and his support for the 1965 bill removed quotas that were imposed in the early 1900's. The quotas were put in place to block the wave of immigrants specifically geared toward Jewish immigrants (The majority of which were from Poland), because like today, it was extremely important to maintain the national preservation of the US and those Jews from Poland everyone knows do not assimilate easily (sarc). So you see, you are really a Ted Kennedy fan ;)

We've come a long way, since now the Polish are "people...who share our principles of liberty (and know first hand what oppression is like) and who appreciate what this country has to offer."
Oh and like I said, if Santorum wants to introduce this legislation by all means do it, I have no problem with it, just wait until this current immigration debate is done with. I do not see the point or the pros to re-introducing it right now. Why cloud the debate anymore than it already is.
"how long will it take for someone to say Mexico is also an ally, with even stronger ties then Poland?"

Mexico isn't doing squat to help us with the Iraq War.

The Poles are just asking to be able to visit without a VISA, not move here by the millions.

It's well into the afternoon and I still don't understand. Can't Mexicans pretty much come and go as they please with ID? I thought the big complaint recently was our change to wanting a passport.
RW- No, to come legally to the US be it for business, tourism, temporary work, or permanent immigration; a person in say Mexico needs to apply to the US embassy for a visa in order to travel to the US. It's very bureaucratic, worse than things here in the US seem to some, and it takes years to get an appointment to apply for a visa, then you have to wait for it to be approved. Then do it all again if you want to come back to the US again.

The Visa waiver program is only for tourist-type visits which means it has probably a 3-6 month stay period, the program takes away the need for a citizen (from one of the countries on the list) to acquire a visa and just requires them to have a new passport (one that is machine-readable and complies with the Patriot act). It removes one of the biggest hurdles of traveling to the US. Maybe the Senate can model the guest worker program after this, since a lot of the illegal immigrants do not want to become Americans they just want to work. If they could make the process of getting into the country easier then there would be less illegal workers, but that's just my opinion.

I don't have an issue with Poland being included into the waiver program, in fact good for Poland. I just had an issue with the timing of re-introducing the legislature that's all.
Sorry to go back to thread, but why 3006? Something wrong with 2106?

I guess whoever decided this decided there weren't enough zeros. Technically only the year 6 would work for 1,2,3,4,5,6, but if you use 01,02,03,04,05 then they use 1006 or 2006 etc. thinking x106 would be called 106 instead of 06. Like most strings of numbers you can use just about anything you like. If you and I are around in 2106 I'll join you in counting it.
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