Friday, April 21, 2006

The angry left is once again showing how dangerous they would be if anyone really took them seriously.

These days they are advocating for the military to run all aspects of our national security with no deference whatsoever to the leaders that "we the people" get to elect. Of course they don't really want all the military generals to run things, just a very tiny fraction that happen to be on the same page with them right now.

But that makes the generals' revolt all the more egregious. The civilian leadership of the Pentagon is decided on Election Day, not by the secret whispering of generals.

We've always had discontented officers in every war and in every period of our history. But they rarely coalesce into factions. That happens in places such as Saddam's Iraq, Pinochet's Chile or your run-of-the-mill banana republic. And when it does, outsiders (including United States) do their best to exploit it, seeking out the dissident factions to either stage a coup or force the government to change policy.

That kind of dissident party within the military is alien to America. Some other retired generals have found it necessary to rise to the defense of the current administration. Will the rest of the generals, retired or serving, now have to declare themselves as to which camp they belong?

It is precisely this kind of division that our tradition of military deference to democratically elected civilian superiors was meant to prevent. Today it suits the anti-war left to applaud the rupture of that tradition. But it is a disturbing and very dangerous precedent that even the left will one day regret.

If you think I'm kidding look at two-time Pulitzer prize winner and darling of the angry left Mike Luckovich's latest political cartoon.

I'm the first to comment! I'm the first to comment!

Now I don't know what else to say...

Oddly your comment is topical and germane to this post. All the sniping Generals are saying, "I'm the first to comment! I'm the first to comment!" too.
RW, the god-dan# Germans got nothin' to do with it!!
Jay not jay,

Is there a beacon in the sky somewhere whenever that word gets used?
Yep, I bet finch trying to shoot the chicken right now!
I think finch had the good sense to actually leave when he said he was going to and is in Utah climbing rocks. Do they have any Germans or yardbirds there?
He, he... yes, RW, I told him to stay away from the cacti. No Young Guns... Lighting! Look out!.
"Some of the complainers were on active duty when these decisions were made. If they felt so strongly about Rumsfeld's disregard of their advice, why didn't they resign at the time? Why did they wait to do so from the safety of retirement and with their pensions secured? "

That is a military coup, that is insubordination, that is the start of sliding into 3rd world-ness. But That did not happen, they waited until after being retired. They have every right to do so now, before no. And I'm glad they waited.
I agree with you DavidU, this is no coup. Krauthammer of WashPost fame is seeing conspiracys where mere disagreements exist. And the military has been disagreeing with civilian leadership since King George. It's healthy.

Hey JayNJ, I wanna shoot the chicken outside my motel room. Actually it's a rooster.

It's nice here in Utah. Newpapers arrive a day late. But (obviously) they do have the Internet.

(totally of topic) This is where I'm going today.

I was over at ml's blog asking questions about generals before I read your blog. That will teach me.

Aren't you climbing over rocks with the Indians in Florida? You were so quiet yesterday! Thinking deep thoughts and all that?

You've got some really great rocks to climb.

Don't shoot that rooster. If he can crow from those peaks he's one of a kind.

General Pace, Joint Chief of Staff disagrees with you. He said that generals are consulted and asked for their opinions when on active duty.

These retired complaining generals seem to be a minority. If they truly believed that things were all wrong, why didn't they speak up when they could do some good? They put their careers over what they considered best for the country and the military. That's why. That is not called "strength of character".

That is ridiculous. If they felt strongly that they were being asked to do the wrong thing while on active duty they should have resigned quietly as countless others have done in the past.

There is evidence that in the case of some of these guys that this is new found trepidation, but in any case I am NOT talking about the Generals rights. I am talking about a portion of the citizenry that is so blinded by BDS (Bush derangement syndrome) that they will give over their rights to ANYONE that is willing to undermine this President.

If you need any more proof that I am right, please observe that the noted Navajo chicken chaser (Seneca Finch) agrees with you.

If it ever stops raining I have to fix some cedar siding on my house and change a couple of fence boards.

It turns out that those things are the cause of all crime in Gwinnett County. I never knew my fence could be such an influence on people that they would see a cracked board and be inspired to go rob a gas station.

If I ever do make it out to Indian Rocks Beach the climbing is brutal because all the rocks are under about three feet of water.
The angry right does not like disagreements and their debate consists of smearing the opponent.

Nobody, except a few, take them seriously, They have smeared themselves with their credibility problem.
RW, the crimebuster,

I am so glad that you are fighting law-breakers in Gwinnett aka Dodge City.

May your cedar sidng be bulletproof and your fence keep out those baleful banditos.

I would send you my Crimebuster's ring but since I live in DeKalb I think I'd better keep it.

You claimed that I smeared you the other day because I questioned why you cared so much about Ralph Reed's connection to gambling and suggested that you probably enjoyed playing with a chip or two yourself.

So I cannot take your "angry right" stuff too seriously. I do think there is something called the "hypersensitive Left" though.
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