Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Annie on the border

In the style that only Ann Coulter can deliver, she really nails this one.

This is the only country on Earth that thinks it's not sporting to consider our own interests in choosing immigrants. Try showing up in any other country on the planet, illiterate and penniless, and announcing: "I've seen pictures of your country and it looks great. I think I'd like to live here! Oh, and by the way, would you mind changing all your government and business phone messages, street signs and ballots into my native language? Thanks!" They would laugh you out of the country.

What seems not to have occurred to the "NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL" crowd is that this is a country, not a public park.

She even ties France into this one.

America has a seller's market in immigration, but thanks to Teddy Kennedy's 1965 immigration law, we no longer favor skilled workers from developed nations, but instead favor unskilled immigrants from the Third World. Kennedy's bill promptly cut the number of European immigrants in half and increased Third World immigrants to 85 percent of the total.

Not surprisingly, post-1965 immigrants have sharply higher levels of poverty and welfare dependence. Europeans may not seem like ideal new immigrants, but the truth is, if what they want is welfare, they'll stay in France.

Okay, how long has my "review" of you been in the upper right corner? Because I'm just NOW noticing it!

Yeah, I know.

It's been there since the day we were discussing it. I guess we could look at your "technocrati" post to find out how long it's really been.
OK I just went to your place and looked. The review has been up since March 28th. I would be about ready to take it down, but since you've just noticed it.....
gee ng, your sharp ;-)

that is a great comment. thank you teddy dumbf**k. how long do most realistic people feel that our country can contnue at this pace of immigration and handouts?

and we all thought brando was crazy for buying his own island.
I don't know this "mcg", but I like him. I think it was the Teddy dum**ck reference. I was tempted to spell it out, but.....oh well what the fuck.

Is it a ^^^ mental vacation or a physical vacation? Either way, have a good one.
Between Ted Kennedy's totally false 1965 prognostications about immigration, and Jimmy Carter's claims that Islamic radicalism was NO problem (not to mention the abject failures of Communism and Socialism) the only reason left to support the Left is...??

mgc is from V-town Cali, whatever the hell that is. Since you are from Vacaville, which is also a V-town in California, maybe the two of you can make up for the fact Cindy Sheehan is from your V-town.
Well RW, I think that I, alone should be able to convince you and everyone that all Californians are not "kooky", but if I need mgc's help, consider yourself tag-teamed.

I had a long distance relationship with a lovely lady in San Jose for years. I already know that there are many non-kooks there, you just tend to get drowned out.

You didn't live in San Jose near Milpitas in 1989, 1990 and 1991 did you?

That's very interesting and I will never tell. I'm going to look up this V-town, I've never heard of it. Pretty close to Vaca (Cow) Ville (village). I'll have to go to the translator for "town" en espanol.

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