Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another lovely Earth Day....

...I think I will fire up the charcoal grill and smoke some ribs. (That's smoke on the grill to all of you trying to decide whether to celebrate Ira Einhorn or Vladimir Lenin today.) First Ira:

"(Einhorn) became a New-Age networker with CEOs…Sold them blueprints of the future," exclaims Maralyn Lois Polak in the WorldNet Daily. "(He) launched (Philadelphia's) Earth Day celebration. Ran for Mayor of Philadelphia as a self-proclaimed Planetary Enzyme, a catalyst for global change." Adds Newsweek, "His unmistakable wild laugh could often be heard at his favorite restaurant, La Terrasse, near his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, as he mesmerized some guy in a suit with ideas from the edge – anything from quantum physics to New Age management theories."

And, between it all, he won a semester-long fellowship to Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

But, on March 28, 1979, his world changed. Detectives put together the strangely shaped little pieces of the Unicorn's puzzle: a missing girlfriend who wanted out; a trunk with "secret documents" he needed to get rid of; a lackluster team-playing effort with Maddux's private investigators; unexplainable but rancid brown liquid seeping through his floorboards; his refusal to let the janitor examine the source of the smell.

Then there is the selection of the date April 22nd. As of last week Wikipedia still carried the notation that April 22, 1970 was proclaimed Earth Day to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin's birth. Interestingly that has been scrubbed from the Earth Day page. This does seem to be like many things that grew out of the 60's, a celebration with many fathers and some dubious original goals. What survived is, on balance, a good thing. Now where is that garlic pepper to complete my rib rub?

**UPDATE** Wiki must be having an interesting day. This has reappeared:

The date chosen for Earth Day is coincident with the historical date of Arbor Day, a national tree-planting holiday started in the late 1800's. Arbor Day is celebrated on the birthday of its founder, Julius Sterling Morton. Another reading of the April 22 date understood by Earth Day organizers notes that the 1970 event took place between college students' Spring Break and final exams, enabling students to participate on campuses across the country. There has been rumors that April 22, 1970 was chosen to coincide with 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin, signifying a more sinister overtone to Earth Day.


Surely Luckovich will bless us with a happy birthday card to Lenin.

As to that other guy, I think I know some similar folks who might qualify for a scholarship to Harvard Businss School. (see ml blog) I don't think they have trunks in the closet. Just bats in the belfry.

Am sending over a big bottle of the tasteful M' to go with your ribs.

Thank you ever so much for the bottle of that fine elixir. The delivery guy accidentally dropped it on the porch, but we cleaned it up before it killed the azaleas.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few of those at ml's had the trunk, complete with dead girlfriend, in a closet somewhere.

Have you gone lower case or are you being nic-jacked over there at ml's.
Good grief, RW,

Did I go lower case? Yikes! Should I call that *royal arrogance* or *peasant performance*? Probably the latter.

Don't worry about the "M". I"m sending another bottle. My backyard bats also love it. Makes'em go blind.

Great post.

Do you think Ira Einhorn has access to a computer? Because I think that HUGE and Ira could be one and the same.
Buy Danish,

We used to have a guy named Ira over there. If you look in ml's archives back in December you will find some of his handy work. That Ira was the most sanctimonious prick ever. He made rushncap seem like a piker, so Huge isn't in that class at all as much as he would like to be.

The funny thing is every time I would battle Ira, I always had Ira Einhorn in the back of my mind.
RW, I'm callin it now...

Commiecap is a big wanker. I like to hit him if he's around.
RW, I remeber that Ira as well. Arrogance, snooty. Sitting in his Volvo laughing at 10 miles under the speed limit.)
Jay not jay,

I'm not convinced that rushncap is always the same person. The one we've had lately is definitely a wanker and has also been doing some nic-jacking.
Blue Jay not jay,

I think that Ira was one of the "intellectuals" from Kos. Every time he would get his ass kicked we would get a swarm of koz kidz right afterward.
Having missed Ira, Huge wins the prize for creepiness.

What drives me insane about him is that he thinks it is his job to control what topics we may, with his permission discuss, and then thinks we have to follow his rules in how we conduct those discussions.

He is like the local Soviet Kommissar - a nosy bureaucrat checking your trash to see if you've been using your unfair share of resources.

In short, a little prick. And I refuse to be nice to him - ever.

Well I thought I posted this earlier this morning, but something went whacky on my computer.

I'm sorry for making trouble for you last night. My job entails a lot of behavior modification. I guess it's a habit I can't break.

Initially I just wanted to get rid of the spam. You were right, I'm being used.

Maybe I should just read and not post. That may be the best thing.

The main problem I have with the type of discussion last night is that everybody talks "about" somebody who's in the room and that is just so disrespectful of the person.

The main difference that I see between the liberal thought and the conservative thought is that liberals need some form of confirmation. I say, if you're confident in what you believe, you shouldn't need that. Go for it.

The individual in the room does just that and doesn't require that anybody agree with him.
Buy Danish,

If Huge Creepy Clown would have waded in and had a run in with somebody his behavior might be more understandable, but he marched in like King of the Universe the first day he posted. So as far as I'm concerned he is going to have to prove himself.

I think his little game of suck up now is part cover i.e. so he can bring back some excerpt of him showing contrition later and part trying to divide conservatives on the blog. He doesn't and probably never will understand that we are individuals that all bring a firm set of our own beliefs to the discussion and you really can't divide individuals.

If you can stomach that "hate speech" discussion from last night you can quickly see that liberal mindset of group over individual at work.

I wouldn't automatically blame your own computer for things that go wacky here. (ask Dusty)

You absolutely positively should post and not just read. I completely enjoyed last night's conversation.

I agree with you about how weird it is that they need this constant affirmation. It goes to what I just wrote above to Buy Danish. If you have your own beliefs you don't need constant affirmation. It also doesn't mean you can't learn and change your mind about something, but it's going to take more than an opinion poll to do it.

You're absolutely right about HUGE just marching in and trying to take over as self-appointed blogmaster. Obnoxious is too kind a word or it. And I don't believe his nice guy persona for one second. He's an s.o.b. through and through.

And that sort of "hate speech" nonsense is why I call myself "Buy Danish". I am going to keep on telling Huge how "hateful" I find his "contributions" at every opportunity.
Buy Danish,

Here is a sample from Sodapants. If you follow the thread down from there you will find a good bit more.
I stopped in to take a stroll down memory land "Sodapants", but it was taking to long to link. An attempt at poetry. I'm no Dusty, but here goes.

I'm off with the Green Beans
Chicken & Dumple-ings
Two coconut cream pies &
My husband, Semper Fi


RW, His cousin, not mine, but he's onboard for you.
Damn, my spelling is sucking wind lately.

Sodapants ate your link. My computer keeps sending me messages that he is a violent predator. I don't remember him at all but I am almost, sometimes, not quite, kinda new on the ml blog. Maybe he did self-destruct just like your link.

Love oo's poetry, In fact, it made me hungry. Gone to lunch!

Couldn't get past one green bar and the endless hourglass.

What is the archive cartoon and date and time? I'll try going there directly.
Buy Danish,

It's December 29th. It's Danielle's drawing that ml put up "An answer to why"

It's a massive thread so it takes a while to load. If you're on dialup right now don't even bother. If you do get to it you'll have to scroll down for a good bit before you get to Sodapants. My link is directly to his first comment.
I should really try to say "it's" more.

getalife is going to be crushed, **crushed**!
Let me try that again, you shocked me so much I used ml's coding.


getalife is going to be crushed, crushed!

Thanks - I got the link to open (the trick is to link to it, take the dog for a walk and come back much later). Whatever happened to Sodapants?


What a NICE surprise!
Reading more on this Ira Einhorn character right now (aren't you proud of me for doing my homework, RW?).

Einhorn is quite a character, are you sure he's really the one person I've posted that you want to know more about?

Like it says at his site. "Getalife Gotalife. He's been flirting with other women at liberal sites. I guess I was too conservative for him. My heart was broken. J/K, he's a sweetheart.

I guess if you're going to flirt with liberal women you want it to be where you can't actually see them so getalife at least is doing that part right.
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