Monday, April 17, 2006

Brittany Doyle really should be the Press Secretary

Expose the Left has the video of this extremely rare television event, a truly hilarious SNL skit.

you are the internet!
oh, i forgot to tell you i did not win my 10g's! next time howie!
They did a funny one of O'Reilly, I always enjoy when they mimic his interviewing style

"I guess well just have to agree to disagree"

If it helps the $10,000. was in case 2 Monday in the East.


The only problem with the O'Reilly skits are that they go on too long. It's probably part of the satire they want to project, but I always drift away kind of like when watching the real thing.
Whoah! I smelled an SNL diss in that description, RW. Anything you'd like to get off your chest...?

A mighty selective sniffer you have there. I would call it more of a diss on TV in general. SNL does a pretty good job on the three new episodes a year they do, but keep in mind I go back to the Belushi days. (Oh and that's Jim's late brother John I'm talking about!)
Conservatives have turned into the "angry right".

Did I mention I have been posting on lgf?

I'll have to venture over there and find you. It will be interesting to see if you can rival Nodrog.
I have been working up my nerve to ask, " How many here are Jewish and anti-muslim".

Actually, it is more of a chat room than a blog like the DU or Kos. The HP is very entertaining like ml's.
Both sides posting makes it more interesting.

If that means you consider lgf, du , & kos to all be chat rooms I agree with you. Newsbusters is good for posting from both sides, too. If you sign up there sometimes it takes a few days before they will send you a password
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