Sunday, April 09, 2006

Congratulations Lefty!!

One thing many people don't know about Phil "Lefty" Mickelson is that he's right handed. He learned to play golf left handed by watching his father play right handed and the only way he could watch and imitate the swing was to do it left handed.

I'm sorry, but this subject is far too emotional, controversial and politicized for me to give a meaningful response. I don't want to run the risk of offending anyone.

Anyway, I was too busy watching Kasey Kahne win the NASCAR race in Fort Worth! Woohoo!!

Damn..I can't believe you gave that away. My next post was going to be the Winston cup race (and I don't care that that's not the name anymore)

BTW, the race was over an hour before the Masters finished.
Details, details! Yeah, I knew that... but I never let the facts get in the way of a good excuse. And, yeah, it'll always be the Winston Cup for me too... what's this Nestel crap anyway?

BTW, does Kasey make some neat victory lap donuts or WHAT??

If you think that's something you should have seen Phil in his golf cart out on the driving range.

You should be careful typing Nestel Cup. They might get some idea of combining chocolate with telephones and that hasn't worked since the fine people at Reese's added peanut butter. Tiger DIDN'T win????


(yes, I'm kidding)

If you tell us that you're kidding it takes all the fun out of it. :-(
what will they call it next year now that sprint is the master of nextel.

althought, i think "the swiss miss instant coco with mini marshmellows cup" is far too long
And what about the Bell South tournament?
Buy Danish,

I don't really like the Bell South tournament now that it's at Sugarloaf even though that course is close to me. The Atlanta Country Club was just a much better host.

As for the difference between the BS Classic and the Masters, all you needed to hear was Mickelson being interviewed after the Atlanta tournament saying things like, "On that shot I was picturing the drive on 13 at Augusta" or "there I was trying to picture the approach into number 5 in Augusta" to see the relative importance.
Well that is just too cute! A "mirror image of Dad". Surely they don't wear those green jackets out in public.

When Phil won the first time, two years ago, he showed up everywhere (Leno & Letterman included) wearing it.

I just meant that Bell South won't be Bell South anymore.

We haven't lived here long enough to have been to the pre-Sugarloaf tourneys, but really have enjoyed the Bell South.
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